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California high-speed Rail

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California high-speed Rail . P R E S E N T E D B Y. Ben Tripousis Northern California Regional Director California High-Speed Rail Authority. Silicon Valley Leadership Group. February 5, 2014. eBay , San Jose. HIGH-SPEED RAIL: more than a transportation program.

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California high-speed Rail

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california high speed rail
California high-speed Rail


Ben Tripousis

Northern California Regional Director

California High-Speed Rail Authority

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

February 5, 2014

eBay, San Jose

high speed rail more than a transportation program
HIGH-SPEED RAIL: more than a transportation program
  • California is 8th Largest Economy in the World
  • Comparable to Northeast Corridor in Terms of Distance, Populationand Complexity
  • It is a Transformational Investment
  • Connecting all California Population Centers
why high speed rail in ca
Why high-speed rail in ca?

A sustainable mode of travel is needed between Northern and Southern California

  • Six of top 30 congested urban areas in the US are in California
why high speed rail in ca1
Why high-speed rail in ca?
  • 62% of Flights from Bay Area Airports to L.A.

—Busiest short-haul market in the US

—Flights routinely delayed by an hour or more

  • —5 million passengers annually fly between LA and SF – more than NY to DC market
why high speed rail in ca2
Why high-speed rail in ca?
  • Over the next 30 to 40 years, California is projected to add the equivalent of the current population of the state of New York



30+ years

planning to implementation
Planning to Implementation
  • 2012 – Today:
  • Rail Improvements Sooner
  • Blended System Reduces Cost

1970s: California Creates Plans for Statewide High-Speed Rail System

2008: Prop 1A Passed

1996: Authority Created

2009: Federal Stimulus Passed

results for california
Results for California
  • Reduction in Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT)
    • By 2040, the system will reduce vehicle miles by almost 10 million miles every day
    • By 2030, the reduction in VMT would be like removing one 500-mile lane of cars
  • Daily Number of Flights Diverted
    • Starting in 2030, the state will see a daily reduction of 93 to 171 flights
    • By 2040, the state will see a dailyreduction of 97 to 180 flights
  • Statewide air quality improvement:
    • Tons of volatile organic compounds reduced
    • Tons of particulate matter reduced
    • Tons of ozone precursors
funding senate bill 1029
Funding (Senate Bill 1029)
  • $3.3 Billion Federal ARRA Grant Funds
  • $2.7 Billion Prop 1A Funds
  • $252 million (Prop 1A/ARRA) Planning and Design of Phase I and Phase II of System
  • $2.7 billion (Prop 1A) & $3.3 billion (ARRA)
  • First Segment of IOS from Merced to Bakersfield
  • $600 million (Prop 1A)
  • Modernize Caltrain Corridor
  • $500 million (Prop 1A)
  • Upgrade Rail in SoCal
  • $819 million (Prop 1A)
  • Connectivity Projects Statewide
  • Signed into Law by Governor Brown in July 2012

Northern California Connectivity

$1 billion for Northern California Transit Projects

$61 million Central Subway Extension

  • $11 million Stockton Passenger Track Extension (Gap Closure)
  • $11 million Capitol Corridor Oakland to San Jose Track Improvements
  • $145
  • million Millbrae
  • Station Track Improvements and New Trains
  • $41 million $26 million
  • (Caltrain + VTA) Caltrain Positive Train Control & Advanced Signal System
  • $705 million Caltrain Electrification & Electrified Rail Vehicles
caltrain electrification program
  • $705 Million Investment
  • Provides Passengers with Immediate Benefits
  • Upgrades Existing Rail Lines
  • Improves Performance by Electrifying Corridor
  • Installation of Advance Signal System/Positive Train Control
  • Purchase of New Electrified Rail Vehicles

2022: Initial Operating Section

Initial Operating Section

  • Merced to San Fernando Valley
  • 300 Miles

2027: Bay to Basin

  • San Jose to San Fernando Valley
  • 410 Miles

2029: Phase I Blended

  • San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • 520 Miles
  • One Seat Ride


  • Central Valley will Serve as the “Backbone” of a System that will Tie Major Regions of California Together
  • Fastest Growing Region in the State
  • Availability of Federal Funding
  • Ability to Advance the Project Faster and at a Lower Cost
  • Testing and Certification of First High-Speed Equipment in the United States




Merced to Fresno Project Section: 65 Mile Route

Environmental Clearances in 2012 Paved Way for Work to Begin

    • Construction Package 1
      • 29 miles
      • Avenue 17 in Madera to East American Avenue in Fresno
    • Contractor and Management Team In Place
  • Opened Offices in Downtown Fresno
  • Hiring Workers
  • Completing Designs
  • Conducting Field Work
  • Finalizing Third Party Agreements
clean green construction
Clean & Green construction
  • The Authority has committed to using 100 percent renewable energy to power the system
  • Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Recycling 100% of Steel and Concrete
  • The Authority will partner with local organizations to plant over 5,000 trees
  • The Authority will preserve up to 6,000acres of farmland
  • By 2030 the system will reduce GHG emissions by up to 8.4 million metric tons
small business program
Small Business Program

Aggressive 30% Goal for Small Business Participation


  • 10% for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)
  • 3% for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)

Meeting & Exceeding Goals

Free Statewide Certification Workshops

Partnerships with Federal, State and Local Organizations


Next steps: Closing the gap

  • State Calls for Supreme Court Review
  • Continue Work in Central Valley, Peninsula, Southern California
  • Work with Cities/Regions to Address Local Concerns
  • Connect Northern and Southern California

-Close the Tehachapi Gap

  • Fund Construction of the System

-Private Financing/Investors

-Federal Grants/Loans

-California Cap & Trade Revenue

-TOD Revenues


controversy is nothing new
Controversy is nothing new
  • Transformational Projects Have Never Been Easy
  • Golden Gate Bridge:
    • “Upside-Down Rat Trap that will Mar the Beauty of the Bay”
    • 2,000+ Lawsuits
  • BART – Once Called the Train to Nowhere
  • Calif. State Water System, University of Calif. System
    • Single-Vote Margins
  • Where Would We be Without Them?
california high speed rail authority
California high-speed rail authority


California High Speed Rail Authority

770 L Street, Suite 800

Sacramento, CA 95814


Ben Tripousis

100 Paseo de San Antonio, #206

San Jose, CA 95113