mood and tone in literature l.
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Mood and Tone in Literature

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Mood and Tone in Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mood and Tone in Literature. Introduction. Unit Essential Question. How do mood and tone contribute to the effect of a literature selection?

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unit essential question
Unit Essential Question

How do mood and tone contribute to the effect of a literature selection?

Mood includes the emotions or feelings produced by the piece, and tone describes the writer’s feelings and attitude about the subject of the piece. Together, they combine the feelings of the author and the reader and draw the reader deep into the action of the plot.

mood and tone in fictional short stories
Mood and Tone in Fictional Short Stories

Selection: “The Tell-Tale Heart”

  • How do effective writers create mood in their short stories?
  • How does visualization help readers understand the mood?
mood and tone in informative nonfiction
Mood and Tone in Informative Nonfiction

Selection: “Birthday Ritual: A Grave Tradition”

  • How does a reader analyze the tone of a news source?
  • What are the most effective ways to analyze the content of a news source?
tone and text organization
Tone and Text Organization

Selection: “Man Made Monsters”

  • What are the most effective ways to organize a nonfiction text?
  • What influence can text organization have on the tone of a selection?
mood and conflict
Mood and Conflict

Selection: “The Third Wish”

  • What influence does mood have on the conflict in a short story?
mood and suspense
Mood and Suspense

Selection: “The Monkey’s Paw”

  • How does a story’s mood of suspense contribute to the plot?
mood and tone vocabulary
Mood and Tone Vocabulary

Mood, tone, attitude, imagery, visualization, feature story, banner, byline, dateline, chronological order, compare/contrast, cause/effect, proposition/support, internal conflict, external conflict, suspense