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Deaf Culture

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Deaf Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Rachel Brown. Deaf Culture. QUOTES. “Deaf people can do everything hearing people can do, except hear” -- I. King Jordan , first Deaf President of Gallaudet University

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Deaf Culture

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    1. Dr. Rachel Brown Deaf Culture

    2. QUOTES • “Deaf people can do everything hearing people can do, except hear” --I. King Jordan, first Deaf President of Gallaudet University • “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with the heart.” -- Helen Keller • “Every one of us is different in some way but for those of us who are more ‘different’, we have to put more effort into convincing the less different that we can do the same thing as they can…just differently.” --Marlee Matlin

    3. Deafness in America Deaf Americans have a significant culture, language, and identity. There are degrees of deafness from faint hearing loss, to hard of hearing, to profoundly deaf.

    4. Deaf? HI? HoH? The proper terminology is DEAFor HARD-OF-HEARING. Deaf people prefer not to be called “hearing-impaired”. Impairment is has a negative connotation, most deaf people are proud to be Deaf.

    5. Causes of deafness • Medical problems in mother while pregnant • Problems right after birth • Meningitis or other illness • Environmental damage (planes, music, etc) • accident

    6. Louisiana’s Deaf/Deaf-Blind Population • Highest deaf/deaf-blind population in all of North America (according to US Census info) • LHS: about 20 deaf students from 5 parishes every year • Deaf clubs: DAC, LAAD, Deaf Chat • Miss Deaf Louisiana • LA School for the Deaf (LSD) in Baton Rouge

    7. ASL • ASL is the language of Deaf Americans. • ASL is used in the USA, Canada, and some of Mexico • ASL is not a form of English • ASL has a unique structure, set of grammatical rules, and slang that make the language unique from any other • ASL is NOT universal, although it is similar to French Sign Language; ASL was derived from FSL. • ASL is the third most used language in America; fourth most enrolled foreign language in colleges. • Most universities accept ASL for foreign language entrance requirements. In Louisiana, all colleges do, and TOPS accepts it also.

    8. LIP READING • Statistics show that only 30% of what is being said can be understood on the lips (ex. my and by look the same on the lips). • Facial hair, gum chewing, and other things can get in the way of understanding • Do not speak more slowly or loudly when a Deaf person is trying to read your lips.

    9. EQUIPMENT Some Deaf people do not wish to use any assistive devices. Deaf people can use a variety of technology to enhance hearing. • Hearing aids • Cochlear implants • FM systems

    10. Hearing Aids

    11. Cochlear Implants • A microphone-picks up sound from the environment. • A speech processor-selects and arranges sounds picked up by the microphone. • A transmitter and receiver/stimulator- receive signals from the speech processor and convert them into electric impulses. • An electrode array-group of electrodes that collects the impulses from the stimulator and sends them to different regions of the auditory nerve.

    12. Cochlear Implant Controversy http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5pMPpC6eMkA This is one deaf man’s perspective of implantation Push PLAY http://www.pbs.org/wnet/soundandfury/ This is a PBS documentary that explores both sides of the controversy. Rent or watch online.

    13. Deaf-Blindness/Usher Syndrome Most deaf-blind are not born fully deaf and blind. Usher Syndrome is a progressive, genetic disorder in deaf people who’s vision denigrates over time.

    14. Tactile Signing Deaf-blind people sign in other people’s hands and FEEL the language.


    16. HELEN KELLER "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.“ –H.K. “The Miracle Worker” movie highlights her life with her teacher, Anne Sullivan • First deaf-blind college graduate • Author, public speaker, political activist, world traveler, helped establish the American Civil Liberties Union

    17. The world’s only all-deaf university!

    18. Deaf Performances/Poetry/Music • Recommended YouTube Artists: • Keith Wann • Ewitteborg • Sean Berdy • Sean Forbes • Rosa Lee Timm • DPAN videos • Allyballybabe • Signing Time (kids) www.d-pan.org Deaf Professional Arts Network


    20. http://www.aslfilms.com/

    21. Deaf Artists Chuck Baird

    22. Deaf Art Nancy Rourke

    23. Deaf athletes

    24. Shelley Beattie • Born 1967 • Lost hearing at age three due to overdose of Aspirin • Professional body builder • Held bench pressing record of 315 lbs • Finished top three at Ms. Olympia and Ms. International

    25. William Ellsworth • Born 1862 • Center-fielder Major League Baseball 188-1902 • Meningitis at age three caused deafness • Third deaf person to play Major Leagues • First deaf member of American Athletic Association’s Deaf Hall of Fame

    26. 1864 charter signed by President Lincoln • Baseball/softball, basketball, cross country and track & field, swimming, soccer, volleyball, football

    27. For Parents of Deaf/HoH Kids Rachel Coleman (of “Signing Time” fame) is the mother of a deaf child. See and hear her story here. It is moving and inspiring; please watch it in its entirety. Push PLAY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1VUpNv80IQ