decoding air travel fatigue n.
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Decoding Air Travel Fatigue PowerPoint Presentation
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Decoding Air Travel Fatigue

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Decoding Air Travel Fatigue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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People all over the world want to reach their destination faster, and hence air travel has now become the most preferred mode of travel. For more details visit

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decoding air travel fatigue

Decoding Air Travel Fatigue

People all over the world want to reach their destination faster, and hence air travel

has now become the most preferred mode of travel. An ever-increasing number of

people traveling for business or leisure have made airports around the world ever

more crowded with check-in queues getting longer causing many to miss their

connecting flights. To add to these woes, sitting still for long periods of time in

cramped conditions, often found in economy class seats especially on long-haul

flights, causes severe air travel fatigue and the traveler ends up feeling exhausted once

he reaches the destination. Here are a few points that will give us a better

understanding of what air travel fatigue is and how to deal with it.

Travel Fatigue

Travel fatigue is exhaustion, disorientation, and headache caused due to disruption in

routine. It gets aggravated by the increase in the amount of time spent in a cramped

space with little or no chance to move around, a low-oxygen environment, and mainly

dehydration caused by dry air and limited food and drink. All of these factors along

with the additional stress of rushing for flights or flight changes etc. can take its toll,

especially on a regular traveler.

Jet Lag

Jetlag is another common term used to describe air travel fatigue caused due to long-

haul flights. Everybody has a 'body clock,' an internal regulator that governs the

timing of sleep/wake cycle, etc. When the routine breaks, the body clock gets


Jet Lag can be caused either due to two reasons:

1.General fatigue, disrupted routines, dry pressurized cabin air, the unstable

movement for long durations, etc.

2.Crossing of actual time zones during longer flights, which disrupt the usual

cycle of daylight and darkness, affecting your internal 'body clock' and the

functions it controls - digestion, sleep, etc.

A relaxed flight is of great importance to avoid air travel fatigue. Many travelers have

realized this and now prefer to bookfirst class flights as it offers luxury and personal

service throughout the travel. First-class travel involves separate check-in queues,

quicker security checks, with free access to airport lounges and also grants priority for

boarding as well as baggage claim. Once on board, first class passengers enjoy

spacious seats, increased legroom and free meals. Though first class airfares are

higher than the economy class, it offers you the much-needed rest during the journey.

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