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introduction to web writing PowerPoint Presentation
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introduction to web writing

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introduction to web writing
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introduction to web writing

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  1. introduction to web writing Michał Prysłopski

  2. I. Basic rules of web design • People don't have time nor interest to read your website — they might at most scan it for a second • Even if people read your site they wouldn't try to understand it — they don't consider your website's structure nor design conventions worth learning • Goodcontent is everythingIf people mustfind information on your website, they will find some surprising way to get it

  3. II. Webwriting guidelines • Use informative, straightforward language People won't click just to find out what you meant by some funny phrase Bad idea:„Your colleague's pocket” Good idea:„Check how much people earn” • Remember who you are writing for — avoidanatural tendency to use your professional or corporate slang or obscure acronyms Bad idea:„3-day EOTW forecast” Good idea:„Weather for the weekend”

  4. People expect the Web to be a concise encyclopaedia — no one reads long or ornate texts Bad idea:„The most thorough investigation of the subject of gender-related differences in work environment and effective salary.” Good idea:„The gender gap at work: in-depth review” • When everything is important, nothing is Bad idea:„CLICK HERE FOR BEST DEALS!!! *CAR BUYER'S GUIDE *READ MORE ON CARS!!!” Good idea:„*Best deals on cars *Buyer's guide +more on cars”

  5. It is a good practice to use imperative statements like "Enter your salary", "Click when ready" Bad idea:„The rest of the story” Good idea:„Read more” • Add examples wherever possible Bad idea:„Enter adjectives describing required car features or options included:” Good idea:„Specify details (red, ABS, leather):”

  6. People get interested if they see words "sex", "free" and peoples' names(preferably their own) Bad idea:„A well known orange juice options' dealer finds his way into custody” Good idea:„Jim Balouba arrested” • Conduct usability tests

  7. III. Links made easy • Links should clearly and permanently stand out from the rest of the text • Avoid using words like "click here" — make object names clickable Bad idea:„To see our best offers click here” Good idea:„See our best offers”

  8. If a link leads to some non-html content (PDF, RTF), make it clear: add an icon or at least the format name and preferably the size of the file Bad idea:„Annual report” Good idea:„Annual report (PDF, 1.3MB)” • More of what? Bad idea:„*Shirts *Trousers *Socks+more” Good idea:„*Shirts *Trousers *Socks+more garment categories”

  9. IV. Further reading • Don't Make Me Think!by Steve Krug • Homepage Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir