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Chapter 6, Section 2

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Chapter 6, Section 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6, Section 2. Key Terms. Create a flash card for the following key terms (p. 129 in textbook): Igneous Rock Intrusive Igneous Rock Extrusive Igneous Rock Felsic Mafic If you finish early, study your flash cards!. Igneous Rock.

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key terms
Key Terms

Create a flash card for the following key terms (p. 129 in textbook):

  • Igneous Rock
  • Intrusive Igneous Rock
  • Extrusive Igneous Rock
  • Felsic
  • Mafic

If you finish early, study your flash cards!

igneous rock
Igneous Rock
  • Most Igneous Rock (formed from cooled magma) is crystalline (made of crystals).
  • Magma forms when rocks melt.
  • 3 Factors determine when rock melts: temperature, pressure, and pressure of fluids in the rock.
partial melting
Partial Melting
  • Different minerals have different melting points.
  • Minerals with lower melting points, melt first.
  • The process of different minerals in the rock melting at different temperatures is called PARTIAL MELTING.
fractional crystallization
Fractional Crystallization
  • When magma cools, the opposite of partial melting occurs: freezing.
  • Different minerals have different freezing points.
  • As some minerals freeze, the composition of the remaining magma changes, creating new minerals.
  • This is called fractional crystallization.
fractional crystallization1
Fractional Crystallization
  • Crystals that freeze/form early tend to be the largest.
  • Create and Acrostic Poem using the word IGNEOUS.
  • I
  • G
  • N
  • E
  • O
  • U
  • S
quick check
Quick Check!!
  • Name the 2 types of Igneous Rock: ____________________________________________
  • Give an example of a Course-Grained Igneous Rock: ______________________________________
composition of igneous rocks
Composition of Igneous Rocks
  • Mineral Composition of igneous rocks is determined by the chemical composition of the magma from which the rock formed.
  • Three families of igneous rock:
    • Felsic
    • Mafic
    • Intermediate
intrusive rock structures
Intrusive Rock Structures
  • Igneous Rock masses that form underground are called INTRUSIONS.
  • 5 types of intrusions:
    • Batholiths—largest of all intrusions, larger than 100 km squared, form the core of mountains
    • Stocks—same as a batholith but smaller than 100 square km.
    • Laccoliths— “lake of rock”, when magma flows between rock layers and spreads upward into a dome shape.
    • Sills-when magma flows between the layers of rock and hardens. Always parallel to the layers of rock below and above.
    • Dike-Magma that forces itself through vertical fractures and solidifies.
extrusive rock structures
Extrusive Rock Structures
  • Igneous rock masses that form on Earth’s surface are called EXTRUSIVE ROCK STRUCTURES.
  • Lava from a volcano that cools and becomes rock is an EXTRUSIVE ROCK STRUCTURE.
quick check1
Quick Check!!
  • What is the difference between Intrusive and Extrusive Rock Structures? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • What is Felsic Rock? ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Name and Define 2 types of Intrusive Rock Structures: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In groups create posters for one of the following:

  • Intrusive
  • Extrusive
  • Course-Grained
  • Fine-Grained
  • Felsic
  • Mafic
  • Intermediate