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Event Xray, honest opinions to connect you to your next great event Find events, make comparisons, and read reviews to make informed decisions. Selecting an event to attend is now an easier process. Express your thoughts and opinions to help others. Write about an event you liked or about what needs improvement while expanding your network. For more information call us on: 646-902-9320 or visit us at: https://www.eventxray.com

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Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

Event Xray: Leading Place to Find Your

Tradeshow and Share Tradeshow


7th SETAC World Congress / SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting - Society of

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

The 7th SETAC World Congress / SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting is a 5-day event

featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities. More than 2,000

scientists, assessors, regulators and managers will gather to share and discuss emerging

research, regulatory developments and the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology

and chemistry. The meeting draws a diverse group of scientists from academia, business and

government representing more than 40 countries. Session objectives are explicitly articulated,

and abstracts are vetted for appropriateness and quality. The multidisciplinary network of

professionals offers a chance for cross-collaboration long after the closing session.

The first day of the meeting is dedicated to full- and half-day professional training courses,

ranging in topics from resume writing, interviewing and networking skills to industry

perspectives on hydraulic fracturing; offering course levels appropriate for early career

professionals or students as well as levels tailored to experienced researchers.

Several sessions and keynote talks will be recorded and made available online after the


The Exhibit Hall will feature more than 60 environmental businesses and organizations debating

and discussing new projects and approaches, and demonstrating cutting-edge instrumentation.

Find Meeting Reviews at Event Xray.

Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

The Science and Art of Cheese Making Short Course

Farmstead and artisan dairy processors and others interested in cheese that take this course

will gain knowledge of the materials and processes used to make specialty cheese and learn

techniques to improve their business.

This 4 day course begins with a focus on the materials used for cheese making. Knowledge of

milk composition and milk microbiology combined with good sanitation practices form the

foundation for consistent manufacture of high quality cheese.

Cheese making will be discussed with an emphasis on the chemical and microbial changes at

each step in the process. Understanding changes that occur in cheese throughout manufacture

allows cheese makers to adjust their make procedure to modify finished cheese properties or in

response to variations in milk supply and other factors.

Hands on laboratories include a microbiology testing session and making several varieties of

cheese in the pilot plant. The sensory evaluation session integrates principles learned in

lectures and labs and illustrates how cheese evaluation can be used to troubleshoot

manufacturing problems.

Food safety principles, including HACCP, are presented to enable cheesemakers to comply with

current and anticipated regulations.

Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

Engagement & Experience Expo

Engagement & Experience Expo is a forum to openly discuss customer, brand and channel

challenges and solutions. Discover how to optimize the customer experience at all touch-points

and increase the impact of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Through a robust slate of best-in-class speakers and interactive discussions, attendees will learn

about the latest theories, best practices, relevant case studies, emerging trends and strategies

that drive measurable behavioral change and quantifiable results.

Providing experiences that engage customers –and keep them engaged is more important

today than ever before. Creating increasingly relevant, personal and customized experiences to

build deep, sustainable and reciprocal bonds with customers is what will set brands apart from

their competition. By elevating the experience and leading your customers down the path of

engagement, you can develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships and brand advocates

on the journey to loyalty.

Engagement & Experience Expo 2016 will focus on the following topics:

Customer Experience: Creating tailored and targeted customer experience structures and


Customer Engagement: Proven strategies for generating strong long-term customer, brand and

channel engagement and advocacy

Customer Data: Identification and collection across mediums and channels for strategic

analysis, segmentation and descriptive and predictive results

Customer Intelligence: Building it in a manner that creates advocacy and long-term positive

behavioral influence

Emerging Technologies: Cross-over of new and traditional mediums to make the most of your

overall customer-centric marketing initiatives

Social Media: Lessons learned, case studies and data-driven insights for today and the future

Mobile: Using it to enhance the customer experience, further build customer engagement and

gain customer insight

ROI: Equating engagement strategies to incremental revenue and return on marketing


Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

Voice of the Customer: Designing effective strategies for creating robust customer dialogues

and gathering and listening to feedback

About Loyalty360:

Loyalty360 is the professional association for loyalty marketers. We are committed to helping

our members simplify the journey to customer loyalty. Members get access to our exclusive,

market-driven and unbiased coverage of all facets of customer loyalty, including CRM,

Customer Experience, Loyalty Programs, Brand Loyalty and Customer Engagement. Our

members-only, peer-to-peer community enables members to connect with each other,

network, share advice, news and insights. Find share conference experience at Event Xray

Corporate Learning Week

Corporate Learning Week

November 7-10

Renaissance Downtown, Dallas TX


Strategic. Inspirational. Engaging. Community-Oriented

Corporate Learning Week 2016 will focus on powerful new tools and capabilities to help you

transform your learning organization to align with your organization’s core needs and core

values, to strike the balance between best practices and next practices that will engage today’s

dynamic workforce.

Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

In the age of digital disruption and new learning expectations, discover new ways to keep pace

with the speed of organizational change and competitive needs.

-Reinforcing a culture of innovation

-Clearly aligning with business goals

-Exploring emerging models in leadership development

-Mentoring millennials in the workforce

-Integrating new learning channels

-Proving/improving the impact of L&D

For a full speaker line-up and session details, please download the program:


Contact Info: 1-800-882-8684 | enquiry@corporatelearningnetwork.com

2016 IBWA Annual Business Conference - International Bottled Water Association

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and the National Automatic Merchandising

Association (NAMA) will again conduct two of their conferences over the same dates and at the

same location.

The two organizations have met together annually since 2012. Feedback from conference

attendees indicated that the co-locations are successful. In 2014 joint attendance reached 1200

registrants, an increase over 2013. Attendees were able to experience a new level of

networking and education through access to 150 exhibiting companies during the trade show

and by participating in the 30 educational sessions that were offered.

The IBWA registration fee includes access to all NAMA events.


35+ Education Sessions offering 20 continuing education credits (CEUs) (inclusive of NAMA


150 Exhibitors at the Trade Show (inclusive of NAMA exhibitors)

Network Meetings between bottlers and IBWA supplier members

Keynote Presentations

Event xray leading place to find your tradeshow and share tradeshow experience

IBWA General Session and Annual Business Meeting with Awards Ceremony

IBWA Board of Directors and Committee Meetings

Drinking Water Research Foundation (DWRF) Casino Night Fundraiser at Gilley's Dallas

Welcome Reception

CPO Exam