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Animal Report By Carrie Harper PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Report By Carrie Harper

Animal Report By Carrie Harper

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Animal Report By Carrie Harper

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  1. Animal Report By Carrie Harper The owl

  2. Introduction We sleep in beds, but the Elf Owl sleeps in a cactus! That maybe why they call it a Elf Owl, small and mischievous. You can find some types of owls here in Ohio, but not Antarctica because in Antarctica you won’t find cactus and it’s cold. This is only a few facts. If you like these facts read on.

  3. Body parts Did you know that an owl come in gray, brown , white , and orange? Their eye color is orange , yellow , and red. Some are small like an elf owl. Many can camouflage into where they live. Their talons (feet) are to help eat and land. Their beak can also help catch their food and since they can’t digest bones, they puke them up. The wing makes no sound when it’s fly's so their prey doesn’t know when the owl’s coming. The face has to look forward and tilt it’s head to look to it’s side. An owls length is 21.1 and the height is 23.6. The wing span 52.6. If you thought that was cool check out the next paragraph!!

  4. Life Cycle The owl goes through an incomplete metamorphosis. An incomplete metamorphosis means when an animal just gets bigger. It takes 32-34 days before the first egg will hatch. When a baby owl is 2 weeks old it weigh 3.5oz. At 3 weeks the baby is almost ready to stand up. Their feathers pushing their way through at 6 weeks. At 8 weeks it is almost an adult and when it’s 10 weeks old its an adult and learning to hunt. Then the owl finds a mate and the life cycle goes on.

  5. Food and Nutrition The owl eats meat just like us, but in a different way. Did you know that owls eat rabbits, mice, frogs, other birds, and insects? This is why they call owls carnivorous because owls eat meat. Owls hunt all the time because they have to hunt for their young, mate,and them selves. Owls get their food by blending in and then wait to hear pray. Once they hear their pray they come down behind and then scare away other owls. Then get the pray. The owl is the most nocturnal animal, but the snowy owl has no choice to hunt at night, the day is so long there is no night. Now the owl maybe different compared from the looks, but come to eating both eat frogs for nutrition , and yes humans and owls are carnivores.

  6. Habitat Did you know that owl lives every where expect Antarctica? Yes, it’s true! The Common barn-owl lives in all four southwestern deserts. The barn-owl represents large numbers in the state California. You can tell which owl it is by their hoot. The snowy owl lives in the arctic zone. The days are so long there is no night so the owl has no choose to hunt at night. An example of where an owl lives is mostly wood type place. Now if you traveled all over the world except Antarctica you would find an owl of some kind.

  7. Enemies and Survival Functions • The enemies and survival functions are next up for the owls. Owls enemies are foxes, people , crows , and other owls. How they survive with all those enemies. Well there are 3 ways one is when an enemy approaches the owl , falls down like it’s dead until the enemy leaves. The owl is on a branch, the enemy comes , the owl will cover its face so it looks like a branch. The third way to survive is to bend over and puff up its back feathers. One adaptations of the owl is it has no sense of smell so it can catch skunks. That is how the owl survives and the owls adaptations.

  8. Interesting facts • I choose the owl because it has a lot of interesting facts and here are some. Owls are known for their hoots. Some owls are filmier to people because they’re in popular cultures. Many people believe that hooting owls are bad luck. Some parents also think that if an owl hoots when a baby is born the baby will have problems. Owls can be kept as pets and don’t mind being kept in cages. The snowy owl acuity has three names = snowy owl , artic owl , and the great white owl. Some owls are in movies such as Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh. We’re almost done so keep reading.

  9. Closing Paragraph Now we’re almost done and we’re going to top it off with nice important facts. The most important fact on the body parts was the beak because that is how the owl gets its food. The most important fact on the life cycle is that owls go through an incomplete metamorphosis. What’s important for an owl in food is to hunt frogs, snakes, skunks, opossum, mice, insets, and other birds to get what it needs and important to its’ habitat is that owls live everywhere expect Antarctica because it’s too cold. Their enemies are foxes ,crows. Barn owls get their names by they live in barns. I hope you enjoyed learning about the owl.

  10. Animal Web-Sites