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The Mouse and Keyboard

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The Mouse and Keyboard. By Zach Postma. The Computer Mouse. What it is. A device used to move a pointer around a screen, it also has one or more buttons to interact with whatever it is pointing at. How the basic mouse ball works. When you move the mouse, a small ball inside is rolled.

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what it is
What it is

A device used to move a pointer around a screen, it also has one or more buttons to interact with whatever it is pointing at.

how the basic mouse ball works
How the basic mouse ball works
  • When you move the mouse, a small ball inside is rolled.
  • Touching the ball are two perpendicular rollers, when the ball is moved the rollers spin various amounts and speeds depending on what direction and how fast the mouse is moved.
  • The rollers are connected by a shaft do a small disk with many holes in it. When the rollers spin, the disks spin.
how it works cont
How it works cont.
  • On opposite sides of the disks there are LED’s and infrared sensors: one for each disk. When the disks spin the light pulses into the sensors through the holes, this pulsing directly corresponds to the movement of the mouse.
  • The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in the mouse changes the information from the sensors into binary data that the computer can understand and the computer moves the pointer using that data.
other types of mice
Other types of mice
  • Optical Mice
    • LED mouse
      • Uses a small LED light and a sensor
    • Laser mouse
      • Uses a small laser and a sensor
    • Blue Track mouse
      • Uses a powerful blue laser and a sensor
other types of mice cont
Other types of mice cont.
  • Connection methods
      • How it hooks up to the computer
    • Ps/2 connector
      • Old connector: better than USB
    • USB connector
      • New connector
    • Wireless
      • Usually uses USB, more mobile but requires batteries and the connection is not always as good
history of the mouse
History of the mouse
  • 1968-Douglas Engelbart creates the first mouse
  • 1981-The Xerox 8010 was one of the first home computers to include a mouse
  • 1991-Logitech releases the Cordless Mouseman, the first wireless computer mouse
  • 1995-The ProAgio, the first mouse with a wheel, is invented
  • 1996-The Microsoft Intellimouse was invented, it was the first mouse with a button under the scroll wheel like we use today
history of the mouse cont
History of the mouse cont.
  • 1998- Logitech creates the first USB mouse
  • 1999- Logitech creates the first optical mouse
  • 2001-Logitech introduces the first cordless optical mouse
  • 2004-Logitech introduces the first laser tracking mouse
mouse manufacturers
Mouse manufacturers
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Mouse Systems
what it is1
What it is

The keyboard is a device that lets you input letters numbers and symbols into the computer and communicate with it

how it works
How it works
  • You press a key
  • Pressing the key completes a circuit inside of the keyboard
  • The processor inside the keyboard compares the location of the completed circuit to that location in it’s character map
  • The keyboard transmits the character to the computer
types of keyboards
Types of Keyboards
  • Keys:
    • Capacitive
    • Rubber dome
    • Metal contact
    • Foam element
    • Membrane
  • Connection:
    • Wires
    • Wireless
      • Infrared
      • Radio
      • Bluetooth
types of keyboards cont
Types of Keyboards cont.
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic
  • Special
    • Internet
    • Multimedia
    • Gaming
    • Backlit
    • Virtual
types of keyboards cont1
Types of keyboards cont.
  • Key setups
    • QWERTY
    • DVORAK
    • ABCDE
    • QWERTZ
    • AZERTY
history of the keyboard
History of the Keyboard
  • 1877-The typewriter is invented
  • 1978-10 Finger typing is created
    • QWERTY is created
  • 1936-DVORAK is invented
  • 1984-The first keyboard is invented
  • AOpen
  • Creative
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • Saitek
  • Mouse
    • $4-$24,300
  • Keyboard
    • $2.59-$4440
bibliography cont
Bibliography cont.
bibliography cont1
Bibliography cont.