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Diary of Arthas Menthil

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Diary of Arthas Menthil. 1. (I skipped the part of Arthas childhood of being trained and gaining some experience in life) ( Arthas begins his investigation)

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(I skipped the part of Arthas childhood of being trained and gaining some experience in life)

(Arthas begins his investigation)

I was really excited that the woman whom I loved since we first met is on a quest with me to investigate the plague. She was kind of like my servant trying to support me, but I wanted her to be safe as possible. During our first trip, we proposed to eachother and I was so touched by the words when she said she would NEVER deny me. My trained soldiers and we did not meet any threat so far. We just met some wild orcs and wild animals. This was my first and for Jaina, and I was very looking forward to this and strengthening our love relationship.


No one can possibly believe what happened today, according to Jaina everyone thought this was all a myth but it was true and they were the first ones to see it. The undead have completely dominated the city and people were not only being killed, but being sewn together by some kind of magic. Then they served the undead. It was basically adding their reinforcements. As we went further north, we realized most of the cities were becoming like this. Through some common sense and some kind of accurate guesses. Our group believed that the bread which is currently being distributed to these cities are plagued by whoever is behind all this. And, one of the key cities of LordareonStratholme is the next target. We were moving fast, and I began to feel that I was king of being separated by Jaina, and she seemed to be pretty weak too, and our soldiers. However, thinking that those citizens lives depended on us, I could not think but to run.


We were a bit late, the shipment has just arrived and been completely distributed. By the time we reached, Jaina and Uther came almost straight away. Uther was trying to support our investigation, and came to attack Stratholme. I whom have seen all these previous events, and seen people turn in to undead knew that this city must be purged. I was pretty sure they would rather be killed as human, then turn into an undead. Believing that Uther and Jaina were agreeing to me I ordered them. It didn’t turn out right. They were completely shocked. Uther came only if they were already undeads, but this time they weren’t and so he believed they might not have been infected after all. Jaina also seemed to agree with Uther saying that they needed to study about to plague more and needed a day or so. I was in complete madness, these people would turn in to undeads in a matter of hour. I swore at Uther, and he abandoned me and went back, Jaina also could not stand me watch kill the innocent people that were not even infected. I felt stunned, the promise she had made, “I will never deny you” was all a lie. She had denied me. I felt so dull and heartbroken, now both Uther and Jaina gone it was probably just him killing the innocent people. Then I heart my fellow Captain Falric and his other men saying he would rather be killed by humans rather than undeads and will follow my campaign. My mood was a bit better, and knowing myself that his is not a war to be remembered of, and it was actually one of my worst act as a human ever.


As I destroyed the city, I met dreadlordMal’Ganis, he was behind all this plague. Right as I was about to strike at him he teleported. He said he would be waiting in the northern places where the frostmourne lies. Now, I finally met my enemy, and I would kill him and come back home with pride. I arrived in the frozen glaciers of where the place seemed to be and met Muradin. He was here to search for the Frostmourne, and I was here to kill Mal’Ganis. We decided to travel together and help each other out and make sure our goal was accomplished.


After months of travel, we realized that we barely found any signs of Mal’Ganis nor the Frostmourn. I was feeling very tired and needed some food and rest so I returned to the camp. There I realized not a single of my men were there except for Muradin and Captain Falric. UtherLightbringer had called the men back home. This got me frustrated because I really wanted to avenge of Mal’Ganis. I realized that my men were heading for the ports. I hired some mercenaries nearby because I did not have any men. I ordered them to burn the ships in the port before they did. Muradin stayed back. As I arrived in the port and destroyed it, I told the men that the mercenaries destroyed the ships and ordered my men to kill the mercenaries. By the time I returned to the base camp Muradin was able to spot Mal’Ganis base and the Frostmourn. He told me that Mal’Ganis was currently way too strong to be killed by our forces, but if I acquire the Frostmourn it might be possible. We went to the Frostmourn cavern and killed the Death Guards. As we entered the divine room where the Frostmourn was located Muradin read some scrolls and told me that the blade was cursed and someones life would be taken. Muradin was instantly killed as I acquired the blade. I easily killed Mal’Ganis. However, I realized that a curse was in me and that now I was serving the Lich King and following his orders.


Arthas now officially served the Lich King, and he murdered his father Terenas II because the Lich Kings voice told him to. After that he began murdering the rest of the people of the Paladin clan. Even the people he cared like a dad was being killed by Arthas. Arthas than was told to revive a necromasterand needed a magical well that was located in the end of the Silvermoon elf country. In order to do that he invaded it, killing the queen SylvannasWindrunner and turning her to an undead. Arthas realizing that a night elf named Illidan was trying to destroy the lich kings Frozen Throne. Arthas was called back by the voice to protect him instantly. Arthas meets Illidan in the top of the Frozen throne, and battles him in single combat. Arthas wins, and is able to become a single hero by sharing the souls of the lich king. They are now one.