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Functional ICT

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Functional ICT. Lesson Five Working with structured data (1/3). Recap . What should websites be? valid accurate r eliable What can you use to narrow down a web search? Boolean operators What allows you to access to the internet? Browsers

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functional ict

Functional ICT

Lesson Five

Working with structured data (1/3)


What should websites be?

  • valid
  • accurate
  • reliable

What can you use to narrow down a web search?

  • Boolean operators

What allows you to access to the internet?

  • Browsers

What can you use to search for information?

  • Search engines

Bookmarks allow you to ..........................?

  • save pages for future use




working with structured data
Working with structured data

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

working with structured data1
Working with structured data

Lesson Aims and Objectives

  • structure and present data in a table

You will learn how to:

  • build a data table
  • enter meaningful field names
  • work with different types of data
  • format data
  • sort data in different ways
structuring data starter task

10 mins

Structuring Data – Starter Task

Task – What personal data do you think the college holds about you?

How could this be stored in a spreadsheet?

Right Click on the Cell

formatting structured data

10 mins

Formatting Structured data

Task – What format type is most suitable and is it a meaningful data name?

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Part number
  • Stock code (alpha and numeric)
  • Address
  • Cost
  • Company name
  • Salary
  • Order date
  • Course code
  • Car registration

Extension task :

What other data elements can you format?

the spreadsheet
The Spreadsheet


Column Header



Data Table

recap structured data
Recap - Structured data

Format the cells or columns to suit the data type

Use meaning data names

Spreadsheets consist of rows, columns and cells

A range is a collection of two or more cells.

Data can be formatted by :

  • Right clicking on cell or column
  • Select format cell
  • Select data type
structuring data

10 mins

Structuring Data

Task – What obvious features differentiate UK bank notes?

structuring data1
Structuring Data

Can you identify each of the bank notes individually?

structuring data2

10 mins

Structuring Data

Task – Using the internet, create a spreadsheet that could log all of the information about UK bank notes? Ensure that appropriate data types are used.

Extension task :

Format your spreadsheet using other types of formatting.

skill check
Skill Check
  • enter suitable field names
  • format data types
  • enter and edit records
  • understand the difference between rows, columns and cells

Look at 5 spreadsheets you use at work and evaluate what different data types are employed and whether they are suitable for the type of data.

Record your details and any changes you would make.