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CompE 460 Real-Time and Embedded Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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CompE 460 Real-Time and Embedded Systems

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CompE 460 Real-Time and Embedded Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CompE 460 Real-Time and Embedded Systems. Lecture 2 – Interview and Design Process. Agenda. Prayer/Thoughts Job Interview for Erilyn Engineering Lab #2 Microprocessor Selection. Erilyn Engineering. Job Interview. Erilyn Engineering. Job Expectations First Assignment

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Presentation Transcript

CompE 460

Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Lecture 2 – Interview and Design Process




Job Interview for Erilyn Engineering

Lab #2

Microprocessor Selection

erilyn engineering
Erilyn Engineering
  • Job Interview
erilyn engineering1
Erilyn Engineering
  • Job Expectations
  • First Assignment
    • Processor Selection
microprocessor selection
Microprocessor Selection
  • What are some of the things you need to consider when selecting a processor or controller?
    • Performance
    • Price
    • Power Efficiency
      • Run mode
      • Sleep mode
    • Quality of Development Tools
    • Compatibility with earlier processors
    • Vendor Roadmap
      • Life Expectancy
      • Military Versions
    • Availability as stand-alone chip or licensable core
    • Flexibility
      • FPGA fabric, reconfigurable?
processor performance
Processor Performance
  • Benchmarks
    • Lots of Benchmarks out there (some good, some very misleading)
      • MIPS – Millions of instructions per second
        • Drystone
      • iCOMP – encompasses performance components that represent integer math, floating math, graphics and video
      • STREAM - measures sustainable memory bandwidth and the corresponding computation rate for simple vector kernels. It is similar to a number of applications - streaming data, such as video editing, format conversion of audio and video, and encryption primitives.
      • EEMBC
development tools support
Development Tools Support
  • OS’s
    • Footprint
    • Performance
      • Real Time?
    • Libraries
    • Services
  • IDE
  • Device Drivers
  • Compilers
  • Processor Specific Libraries
  • HW/SW Debugging Tools
  • Performance Tools
choices of microprocessors
Choices of Microprocessors

A wide range of microprocessors and/or microcontrollers are available

  • Processors vary in
    • word size/bus width
    • internal memory and peripherals
  • Timers, I/O ports, DMA channels, etc.
    • supported external memory
  • Power/Performance
    • Many sizes and configurations available, with obvious cost and performance tradeoffs
  • Feature Set directed to specific applications
    • Math co-processors
    • Streaming data
many many many
Many, Many, Many
  • Dozens of companies who make processors

  • Hundreds of different processors architectures
    • x86, Mips, ARM, X-Scale, Itanium, 8052, DSP, 3d Graphics Engines
  • Thousands of different Processors
    • 8088, 8086, 80186, 80286, Pentium …..
    • Arm710, Arm720, Arm920, Arm 922, Arm1020 …..
    • X-Scale – PXA255, PXA262, PXA265, PXA272 …..
    • Itanium – Itanium1, Itanium2 900MHz, Itanium2 1.3 GHz …..
    • MIPS324K, MIPS324KE, MIPS645K, …..
    • PIC16F876A, PIC16F873A, PIC16C94, …..
    • DSP – 56000, 56200, 56F8300, TMS320, …..
    • 3D graphics engines – ATI Radeon9600, NVidia GEForce 6800 …..
interview questions
Interview Questions
  • Why do you want to work for Erilyn Engineering? What do you expect from us? (looking for mutual benefit)
  • We have lots of work to do here. What if your assignment takes you longer to complete than expected? What will you do? (looking for good communication and commitment to task)
  • Can you give me an example of when you worked nights and weekends? (looking for commitment to task)
  • What if we have a critical deliverable when your wife is having a Birthday? (looking for balancing priorities)
  • Have you ever worked in a team environment? If so, give me a good example of how a team should work together? How about a bad example? (looking for positive team player)
  • What do you do if someone on the team is not completing their assignments (looking for good communication, ability to take on responsibility, looking for proactive solutions to problems – do not hide from problems – confront them)
interview questions1
Interview Questions
  • Write a short C program with a global variable x and a local int variable array y of 4 values

int x;

myfunc (void)


int y[4];


  • What is the difference between x and y?
      • Scope
  • Where are x and y physically located?
      • X in data mem, y on stack
  • Add pointer to int z and have it point to y;

Int *z;

Z = &y;

  • If I add the function z++, what does it mean?
    • z points to y[1]
interview questions2
Interview Questions
  • Give truth table for a 2 input NAND gate
  • Give truth table for 2 input XOR gate
  • Construct an XOR function using NAND gates