ca480 real time embedded systems n.
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CA480: Real Time & Embedded Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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CA480: Real Time & Embedded Systems

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CA480: Real Time & Embedded Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CA480: Real Time & Embedded Systems.

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ca480 real time embedded systems
CA480: Real Time & Embedded Systems

This module examines the theoretical and practical issues involved in ensuring computer systems meet the real-time constraints that exist in many applications, particularly those where computers are used to control physical mechanisms. Such computers are often embedded in a system, with the user hardly aware that a computer is involved.

The module also examines the theoretical and practical issues involved in software development for embedded systems and for real time and other applications.

The module assumes basic computer architecture and operating systems. A knowledge of a the C programming language and of assembly language programming is desirable. Some revision tutorials will be available on these topics.

PCs and the DCU Educational Computer (the D6 kit) will be used as a vehicle for most of the practical work.

Use will be made of the MicroC/OS real-time operating system

CA480 is structured as 2 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour and 3 laboratory hours per week. Assessment is based on a final examination (70%) and continuous assessment (30%)

Real Time & Embedded Systems

bibliography and references
Bibliography and References

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Real Time & Embedded Systems