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How to Troubleshoot Hotmail on the iPhone? PowerPoint Presentation
How to Troubleshoot Hotmail on the iPhone?

How to Troubleshoot Hotmail on the iPhone?

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  1. How to Troubleshoot Hotmail on the iPhone?

  2. If you are encountering any problem while setting up the Hotmail account on your iPhone due to the iOS platform is not automatically detecting the Hotmail Address as it did for another email then luckily you can troubleshoot issues of your account on the iPhone.

  3. So here, our highly-qualified technicians provided the complete and accurate solution by which you can troubleshoot your account on the iPhone. Just go through the below process properly to accomplish the task. • Firstly, go to the main menu on your phone and open the ‘Settings’ app. • Then if you have previously tried to set up your account on your phone then tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and select it from the list and click on ‘Delete Account’.

  4. Then choose ‘Add Account’ option to begin with the setup process and select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ as the account type. • After that, enter your email address including the ‘’ portion into the username field. • Then enter your password for webmail in the password field, the select label for the account and leave the ‘Domain’ section blank. Then tap on ‘Next’ when you are ready to continue. • Now type ‘’ as the server address and again click on ‘Next’ button. • Then wait for few seconds to successfully authenticate your account for the iPhone and slide the ‘Mail’ slider to turn it On.

  5. CONTACT US If still facing any problem while performing this procedure then immediately contact us at our Hotmail support number1-800-958-211 and get the issues terminated in a jiffy. Our availability is all round the clock i.e. we work on both day and night shifts so don’t hesitate to ask even if the doubt prompts late at night. You can also reach the team through live chat or via email. Content Source: CALL: 1-800-958-211