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  1. Iphones By Briana Shirley

  2. About iphones Iphone! PICTURES • The iphone comes in many different types. There is the 3, 3G, 4, 4S, and the 5. I am sure there are many more to come. The iphone 3 is the oldest generation and the iphone 5 is the newest. Iphone 3 Iphone 4, and 4S These are the different types of iphones, they also come in white. Iphone 5

  3. WEBSITTE CONS! PROS! • According to Leigh Goessl at she says, “Today's children are presented with technology at a young age; they essentially do not know a world that is not electronically connected or without digital gadgets.” • According to Leigh Goessl at she says, “Technology can have an empowering effect, and in this respect, can be an advantage to children. It also encourages them to create newer and better innovations”

  4. Wiki! Pros! Cons! • Some positive effects are, the iphone has the web, which allows kids to have fun but learn at the same time, they might be being lazy, but at least they are learning something. • The negative effect is that children find it hard to go a day without a cell phone, or electronic gadget with them.

  5. Blog! CONS! PROS! • Iphoneskeeps kids from moving around and being active, so people believe that it causes children to become obese. • The iphone has many features that can be useful to children, as well as harmful. People are starting to think that people rely too much on there iphones, and someday it will end up being very distructful.

  6. Article! Cons Pros • The iphone can create health problems for children. • Over usage can create bad habits. • The iphone is an easy way to communicate with friends, get things done, and search things. It comes with a lot of things that could be useful to you. It comes with, music maps, reminders, safari, places to download games, and many apps, and a ton more features.

  7. MY OPINION! My opinion on iphones are that they have a positive effect on society. Iphones might have many cons about them, but they help with a lot of things and they are a very useful tool, and has made a big improvement to today's technology.

  8. Iphone funny pictures Hahahahahahaha! HAAAAAA!

  9. Websites that I used • • ^ that was my article website (ARTICLE) • • ^ many different authors, wiki can be edited and its harder to find the author (WIKI) • • ^ BLOGGGGG! • • ^Author: Leigh Goesll(WEBSITE WITH AUTHOR)