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HAPPY NEW YEAR. Welcome All JUDGES & OBSERVERS for Presentation of c r o r e s Group – 23 (Section – Hardware). Group Co-Ordinations: Mrs. Manvi Sharma Kampasi -- Co- ordinator Mr. Deepak Kumar Mr. Dushyant Kohli Mr. Opinder Krishan Mr. Mukesh Sharma Mr. Ankush Hans

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Welcome All JUDGES&OBSERVERS for Presentation of c r o r e s Group – 23 (Section – Hardware)

  2. Group Co-Ordinations: Mrs. Manvi Sharma Kampasi -- Co-ordinator Mr. Deepak Kumar Mr. DushyantKohli Mr. OpinderKrishan Mr. Mukesh Sharma Mr. Ankush Hans Mr. Nitin Sharma Mr. Harvinder Pal Singh Note:Each Member of Group will give presentations rotationally One by One

  3. Profile of Hardware Team • A) Name of Team: Hardware Group No. 23 • B) Objectives of the Team: • Manage Data Center & (All Computers, Network & its peripherals) of the Company. • C) Our existence: • 1. Hardware Section plays an important role to bring new technologies in an • organization which helps our company to get all computerized work. • Hardware Section plays an multiple role to manage secured Network for • providing real time information to the Company. • D) Responsibilities of the Team: • Understand basic concept & structure of computer hardware & networking • Identify the existing configuration of the computers and peripherals & Upgrading same as and when required • Integrate the PCs into Local Area Network & re-install operating systems and various shipboard applications. • Perform routine maintenance & upgrades • Manage data backup & restore operations on server and update anti-virus software and set schedules  • Installation of service packs, applications such as MS Office, MS Outlook, Anti-virus software etc. • Trouble shooting of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Servers, Windows 8 & MS Office • Provide training to SFO’s about latest tools of Hardware and Networking. • Installations of Managed Switch Networking & apply policies for smooth & fast network. • Managed Internet Tools for providing limitied / priority wise bandwidth to the users. • Managed MPLS VPN network for online working. • Managed Servers & its interlink pheripherals for smooth operations. • Managed Computer stock for upgradations of computer pheripherals. • Managed the survillence devices & there planning for there upgradations.

  4. Recap of Future Plans for M/o Dec’12 1. Maintenance of Server Computer in HOJ. ==Done 2. Maintenance of Computers of Each Branches. ==Underprocessing 3. Installations of 6 Camera’s in HOJ. ==Done 4. Shifting of Data Card from TATA to AIRCEL. ==Underprocessing 5. SOP for Email password protections. ==Done 6. Installations of Managed Switch. ==Done in 3 Sections 7. Automation of Profit Loss at Test Audit ==Done

  5. Highlights of points for Dec’12. Installations of MPLS VPN Connectivity in NIK. Installation of Managed Switch in NED, NFU & MKT. Installations of 6 Survillence Camera’s in HOJ. Installations of Webcams in all branches for SKYPE. SOP for Email Password protection for User Awareness. Completed BNNI Websites. Maintenance of HOJ Computer.

  6. Point No.1:- (Installations of VPN in B.O.NIK)Done by Mr. Deepak KumarWe have successfully Installed MPLS VPN in B.O.NIK on dt.27/12/12 through Sify Technologies Ltd. Installations done on 6 mts pole.After installations we have configure LAN IP & also installed all softwares & setting of VPN like Email, datauploading, Web Browsing etc.Link is working properly…. User Satisfaction Report attached: Parameters: 1. Efficiency

  7. Point No.2:- (Installations of Managed Switch)Done by Mr. Deepak Kumar & Opinder KrishanWe have successfully Installed Managed Switch in 3 Sections ( NED, NFU & Marketing + Agency on dt.29/12/12. All wiring, Input/Output devices have installed. Also we have configured JACK on CAT6 routing successfully. Main Advantage of Managed Switch is to control IP Conflictions, flood controling, Choking etc.View of Managed Switch: Parameters: 1. Efficiency & 2. Image of the Company.

  8. Point No.3:- (Installations of CCTV Cameras)Done by Mr. Dushyant KohliIn addition to 16 Cameras, We have successfully Installed 6 more Survillence Cameras in HOJ (IA, NED, DAK Area, Bathroom Area, Record Room & Record back area) as approved by MD Sir. Main advantages of Camera is to reduce the chance of theft, avoid any misleading in the office & maintain the staff co-ordinations. Now HOJ is fully under survillence area.Main View of Camera’s Parameters: 1. Efficiency & 2. Image of the Company.

  9. Point No.4:- (Installations of WebCams) Done by Mr. Dushyant Kohli & Mukesh SharmaWe have successfully installed Webcams for video conferencing in all branches for CRORES Competitions. Now each branch can talk through SKYPE with HOJ Management in there own stations. Parameters: 1. Efficiency & 2. Image of the Company, Profitibility.

  10. Point No.5:- (SOP for Email Password)Done by Mr. Deepak Kumar & Manvi SharmaWe have successfully prepared SOP for Email password on dt.7/12/12 & also conveyed to branches through email & Telephonic to change there password regularly to safe informations & important data. Because recently we were using same password in all branches which was not secure. Now for security point of view we have get changed all password & also advised to branches to change password after 15 to 20 days. Password procedure Email. Parameters: 1. Efficiency 2. Image of the Company.

  11. Point No.6:- (Completed BNNI Websites) Done by Mr. Dushyant Kohli & Mr. Nitin SharmaWe have completed Bee Enn Nursing Institute as advised by Mr. Kunil Bhalla & Mrs. Kalindi Bhalla. Appreciations from Management: Parameters: 1. Image of the Company.

  12. Point No.7:- (Managed Server Computer in HOJ) Done by Mr. Ankush Hans & Harvinder SinghWe have successfully managed server computer in HOJ for implementive Windows Server 2003 Operating System & installed all software & database of stations. In Sections user can easliy get all accounts informations from this server. Because this is automatically updated through main server. Parameters: 1. Efficiency & 2. Image of the Company. Point No.8:- (Automation of Profit & Loss) Done by Mr. Manvi Sharma We have get implemented automatic calculations of Income and Expenses heads of all stations. From this we have save lot of time of Test audit section. The main benefits of this software is to easy calculate of backlog of PL’s. Parameters: 1. Efficiency & 2. Image of the Company.

  13. Future Plans for M/O JAN’12 • 1. Installations of Managed Switch in all sections. • 2. Managed Networking in Server Room. • 3. Installations of 3 Camera’s in ChakBhalwal. • 4. Shifting of Data Card from TATA to AIRCEL. • 5. Mail Server Upgradations. • 6. BECON Website Updataions. • 7. Maintenance of Computer stock at branch level.

  14. Thanks & HAPPY LOHRI

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