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Report on Japanese Activties

Report on Japanese Activties. Hidenori Shinoda JIRA and JAHIS Chicago 11/30/2006. Recent Activities.

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Report on Japanese Activties

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  1. Report on Japanese Activties Hidenori Shinoda JIRA and JAHIS Chicago 11/30/2006

  2. Recent Activities • JIRA’s DICOM committee are collecting information on cases in which DICOM did not work. Few companies has submitted their lists and we reviewed them. Cases are classified into various categories. A few examples are like below; • Unable to analyze a response to MWL. This was caused because they set values to private tags of Film Size ID(2010,0059) and Number of Films(2100,0170) in Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence(0040,0008). • Displayed orders of images on a console of a modality and a PACS workstation are different. This may be caused because DICOM does not have those information like display order. We do have hanging protocol, but is it applicable to these cases? • 36 vendors will participate IHE-J connectathon with 72 systems next year. All domains will be concerned, but the effort will be focused to radiology. The connectathon will be held during Feb. 5th through 9th.

  3. Recent Activities-to be continued • We are requested to translate whole DICOM standards into Japanese by a committee under METI’s project. The purpose of this is to increase people who understand what DICOM is and how we adopt it. As a first step we try to publish a book on DICOM. We will translate and publish Japanese version of Herman’s book. • One of activities in IHE-J arena is for endoscopic examination. Now, we have developed volume 1 of a technical framework. We had a meeting with people who are interesting in endoscopy here, yesterday. As a first step, we will gather at DDW meeting in Washington, D.C. on May 21, 2007 and discuss coordination. Because there are various types of endoscopes like endoscopy, laparoscopy, etc. exist.

  4. Some News • MHLW issues their strategic plan to ITize Japanese medical system every five years. This year is the last one of the current plan. They started their discussion. The next plan will focus Japanese version of EHR. • Japanese version may be different form them of other countries in populating healthcare data from an institute to EHR-LR. Patients will have a responsibility to deal with their data.

  5. Business Actor • Insurance Company • Local Medical Association • Local Gov.. • Private Company Analysis Center for Clinical Data Citizens/Patients Hospital Health Checkup Center Online Distribution Of Clinical Info. Clinician A Concept of Japanese EHR Local Gov. or Other Business Body Portal Site for Healthcare Healthcare Information Banking Center Reference of Healthcare Info. Individual Health Information Deposit Data Mining Analysis and Distribution Anonymous Data Provide Clinical Information Decision Support Information Authentication Center

  6. Some News-to be continued • IHE-J will get status of legal entity. MHLW, or Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare will support financially IHE-J and they will try to utilize IHE-J as a tool to promote medical informatic standards. • MHLW decided to update a guideline of safety management of healthcare information systems.

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