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Mubadala Procurement and Admin Achievement Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Mubadala Procurement and Admin Achievement Report

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Mubadala Procurement and Admin Achievement Report
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Mubadala Procurement and Admin Achievement Report

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  1. Mubadala Procurement and Admin Achievement Report Objective Brief history Our Tasks and Key Achievements The Administration Department The Administration Department Tasks and Responsibilities Strategies We Employed To Meet Our Achievements Conclusion

  2. Objective The main goal of this presentation is to bring to your knowledge and attention the achievements and accomplishments that we obtained in the first five months of both functions Procurement and Admin operation and exhibit the effectiveness of its team leaders in performing their tasks. Our target is always going beyond our goal.

  3. Brief History It can be recalled that before the official establishment of our Procurement Unit, it was the Offsets Group who handled all the general services of the company, most especially in ADNIC building. The UOG managed then all the purchasing, maintenance, cleaning, transportation, hotel booking, insurance, warehouse management, PRO services, and all other general services for Mubadala until the Procurement Unit was instituted and formally launched five months ago Though we are still in the early stage of our operation, we are proud and honored to report that the Unit has been successful and had accomplished much of its target for the benefits of the company and that its employees are enjoying at present time. We have been victorious in meeting all our proposed plans for the company’s various offices that opens to more opportunity in doing greater jobs and formulating further ideas that would be beneficial to Mubadala. Achievement is the product of a solid teamwork and hard work.

  4. Our Tasks and Key Achievements The Procurement bears important responsibilities in the establishment of the stability of the company. The following are the specific tasks of the Unit and the remarkable accomplishments that we acquired. Managing the purchasing of all office equipment It can be remembered that in the old building it was the UAE Offsets Group who handled and provide all the purchasing and general services of the company. But now, with the establishment of the Mubadala Development’s Procurement Unit, it is us who handle all the purchasing functions. In accordance with this, we created purchasing guidelines and even convene with suppliers to ensure that the needs of the company’s business units will be met and served. The Procurement Unit had worked on various requests of business offices in purchasing office equipments, most especially in the new building, and made follow ups to the suppliers for the equipments prompt delivery and assurance of quality products. Our real target is to provide quality Service and achievementis just a productof the latter.

  5. Managing Mubadala Development business centers We assured that all business centers, in ADNIC and Al Mamoura, were equipped with necessary office equipments. We had provided Mubadala business centers with printers, photocopy machines, fax machines, bindings, lamination machines and others. We employed also 20 contracted office boys to operate those machines and do office services to obtain more efficient work service. Managing Receptions Receptionists play a very important role in the office because they are in the forefront of meeting clients and business partners who visit the company. We had screened and employed 13 receptionists; disseminated on each floors’ reception area to ensure that guests will be escorted properly and their needs will be addressed immediately. The said receptionists were contracted from First Select Company. Meeting Rooms Booking and Services The Procurement Unit hired a Meeting floor Supervisor whose primary responsibility is to manage the Achievement is not a one-man-job it’s the work of all.

  6. orderliness and organization of the use of meeting areas and ensure that first class service will be delivered to its users. We have designated 22 meeting rooms and 3 training rooms at the 6th floor of Al Mamoura building. At the same time, we have also assigned 14 meeting rooms at 5th floor and 12 meeting rooms at the 8th floor of the same building. To ensure quality service, we have positioned 24 waiters contracted to all the mentioned meeting areas to serve coffee, tea and others to ensure that guests and other users will gain comfort while in the middle of their meetings or conferences. For the employee lounge, we have provided buffet that serves breakfast and coffee stations were provided in each floor of the buildings as well as free vending machines. On the other hand, the old building is equipped with pantries filled with kitchen supplies for employees’ needs. We measure our achievements through the satisfaction we create not on how we make.

  7. Managing Cleaning Services We had delegated a total of 26 cleaners for the old and new building of Mubadala to ensure the cleanliness and good ambience of every offices, areas and departments of the company. These cleaners were composed of two females and 24 males who were all contracted to Berkley Company. Managing Transportation Leases and Contracts We had provided five cars with drivers that were contracted to LeasePlan. One of them was assigned for finance to take payments to the bank; the other two are for administration services; and the remaining two are assigned to be the trusted service of the Company chiefs who uses Mercedes Benz as their service vehicle. Managing Office Space Allocation, Furniture and Maintenance Through the diligent maintenance personnel that we had, we successfully dealt with proper company’s premises management, taking good care of every equipments and furniture, and wehave done outsourcing. Achievement is a doorway to more and better achievements.

  8. Managing Security System Security of all personnel of the company is one of the main priorities of the Unit. Because of this, we are now in the process of evaluating proposals submitted by five different security agencies for the institution of security system such as CCTV cameras and providing security guards. We meticulously screen each proposal to ensure that the standards and requirements of Mubadala Development Company will be met. Managing Mubadala Travel Desk The Procurement Unit came up with Omeir Travel after evaluating the 5 biggest travel agencies in Abu Dhabi. We have chosen Omeir Travel to operate the company’s travel desk as it met Mubadala Development’s expectations and standard. We have awarded the latter with one year contract; however they are still under evaluation if the company will extend the contract or outsource other company to manage the job. Dedication is our fire in achieving our goals.

  9. Building Insurance We have obtained the two Mubadala buildings, Al Mamoura and ADNIC, with Property all risk insurance for the contents in the building. Authentic achievement is not a short termadvantage but it hits a long term gain.

  10. The Administration Department The Procurement Unit works hand in hand with various business units to achieve the company’s goals. The Admin Department of Mubadala focuses on managing the employees and company’s personnel while the Procurement Unit handles the corporate management and office administration. The Administration Department Tasks and Responsibilities Health Insurance and Life Insurance Administration Department has obtained health insurance for all Mubadala staff via Daman and life insurance with Abu Dhabi Insurance Company. Public Relation Officers services The Admin dept hired two qualified Public Relation Officers to deal with the related government departments and foreign embassies to facilitate the services required for Mubadala employees such visas of each employee i.e. the processing of employment visa, residence visa, visit and service visa/transit, etc. Achievement is not the end of the any task, it’s the beginning of greater accomplishments.

  11. The Administration Department Tenancy Contracts with Real Estate Agencies Mubadala Development, through the Admin Department, acknowledges the importance of providing a healthy place of residence or accommodation for all of its employees. Because of this, the employees who are eligible to have housing through the company our housing officer is always ready to assist them to source flats or houses for their comfort staying. Travel and Temporary Hotel Accommodation New employees or candidates are given hotel accommodation as they come to the company for interviews. We have also rented five flats for the new joiners that served as their temporary residence. The company is providing these privileges to assist the new joined employees in their initial visit and stay in the country. Water and Electricity for Employees Transfer and cancellation of accounts maybe done also through Mubadala PRO. Achievement is the end result of the mind, body and soul working as one.

  12. Strategies We Employed To Meet Our Achievements Here are some strategies that we employed to come up with our significant accomplishments: Established close working relationship with Mubadala employees to address business and supporting units' procurement and services needs; and applied best practices across the organization. Successfully assisted Mubadala move to the new offices by having full procurement functions that is operating even before the company moves to the new building. Built capable and professional procurement team, decentralized Procurement process and an automated procurement practice will be implemented soon. Developed an effective relationship with suppliers to ensure the best nomination of service providers in order to obtain customer satisfaction. A genuine achievement does not only benefit its initiator,its advantage should be for all.

  13. Conclusion In the course of five months, the newly established Procurement Unit of the company has accomplished almost 100% of its business plans cited in our previous presentation last January 29, 2008. The Unit has served for the benefits of more than hundreds of employees of Mubadala and everyone is currently enjoying the benefits of the quality service that we employed and supplied them. In this respect, we saw also the need for more team leaders in the Unit to ensure that its quality service will advance and mount to more effectual assistance for the benefit of the company as it keeps on leading the international market. We’ve hit our target and we are hungry for more!