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MORE COWBELL. PRESENTING. TEAM MEMBERS. Zachary Dixon Drew Dickenson Jason Huskey Akin Anjonrin-ohu. THE PLAN. Goal: Ring A Cowbell Basic Set Up: Three Steps

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More cowbell




More cowbell


Zachary Dixon

Drew Dickenson

Jason Huskey

Akin Anjonrin-ohu

More cowbell


  • Goal: Ring A Cowbell

  • Basic Set Up: Three Steps

    • Step 1- A Golf Ball Rolls Down A Series of Wire Ramps. At The Bottom The Ball Hits A Pin That Makes A Book Fall Onto A Clothespin, Thus Triggering Step 2.

    • Step 2- A Bowling Ball Is Suspended 4-5 Inches Above the Ground. When The Clothespin Is Hit In Step 1, The String Secured By The Bowling Ball Is Allowed To Slip Out of the Clothespin, Thus Allowing the Bowling Ball To Fall And Hit A Second Pin, Thus Triggering Step 3.

    • Step 3- When The Pin In Step 2 Is Knocked Down By The Bowling Ball, The String Looped Over It Is Released, Thus The Bow, Which Is Held In A Loaded Position By The String Is Allowed To Fire, Thus Pushing The Dowel Rod Attached To The Bowstring Into a Golf Ball. The Golf Ball Is Thus Accelerated Out Of A Piece of PVC Tubing And Sent Flying Towards A Cowbell.

More cowbell



More cowbell


Step 1

  • Ball undergoes 4 nearly identical GPE to KE conversions

    • First three ramps have ball loose KE to heat and sound energy

    • Fourth ramp has ball transfer most of its energy into a pin

    • Pin pushes on a text book, thus forcing its center of gravity beyond the bottom edge of the book and making it unstable

    • Then gravity will act on the now unstable book, thus causing it to fall onto the clothes pin and trigger step 2

More cowbell

Step 2

  • Conversion of GPE stored in the bowling ball into KE

  • A small amount of KE associated with the bowling ball is transferred into the a pin below the bowling ball, but the vast majority of the energy is either converted into sound energy (this is fairly loud), heat energy, and rotational KE, or transferred into the ground

  • As the pin is forced down, the string around it slips, thus triggering step 3


More cowbell

Step 3

  • Initially elastic potential energy is stored in the bow

  • When triggered in step 2, this elastic potential energy is converted into KE in the bowstring and the dowel rod

  • Some of the KE being transferred into the dowel rod is then transferred into a golf ball simultaneously, accelerating the golf ball


More cowbell


  • There Has To Be A Better Way To Ring A Bell