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Smart Homes

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Smart Homes
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  1. Smart Homes Ivey Shingler and Tyler Robbins

  2. Smart Home • The Smart Home is an attempt to automate the home to make it as user friendly as possible. Smart Home Example

  3. The Remote • As seen in the example, the remote is an extremely important piece of equipment. • It is a command center right in your hand, and in most smart homes a simple remote controls most functions of the house

  4. Lighting • Automated lights have been one of the first things to make an appearance in smart homes. • A electrician can run the wiring and set up the needed controls for automated lights • Like in the example, lights can be controlled by a regular light switch that activates all lights, or by a smart house remote that can activate individual lights.

  5. Security • The smart home offers lots of innovative security features that allow for piece of mind. • Security features can range from door locks that recognize fingerprints, to motion activated security cameras. • The most common smart home feature is a security system that has sensors in the doors and windows to detect force entry.

  6. Communication • Large houses need a way to communicate room to room, that’s why smart homes offer intercoms that allow room to room communication. • Also the phone can also be upgraded. • Phone lines can be linked to a cell phone so whenever you are not home the home bound call will be redirected to your cell phone that way you never miss a call because you are out of the house

  7. Automated Pet Care and Pest Control <-Self Cleaning Litter Box Water Spraying Animal Repeller -> <- Mosquito Trap

  8. Doors • Doors can have a motorized door opener fitted to them. The door opener can be controlled either by a button on the wall next to the door, or by remote control.

  9. Windows • Windows can also have a motor attached to them that can open and close the window. The motor is controlled by either a button on the wall beside the window, or a remote control.

  10. Sinks and Cupboards • The sinks and cupboards can be raised and lowered to the correct height of the user. They are attached to lifters, and can be controlled by a simple button to raise or lower to the height of the user.

  11. Bath/Shower • A bath can be controlled by one simple button. It can be filled to half and full levels at a predetermined temperature. When the button is pressed to activate the bath, the plug automatically goes in. The shower is set to the same temperature as the bath, and is turned on by a button on the wall. The shower will run for a predetermined time or until the button is pressed again.

  12. Home Theaters • What is a futuristic house without a futuristic theater system? • Like in the preview the activation of a home theater system can be done by remote. • Home Theater

  13. Climate Control • The ability to control the temperature in more than one room is one feature of a smart home. • With a control board in every room that controls every aspect of the room you can conserve energy but not turning on the air in a selected room

  14. Energy Conservation • Like mentioned the ability to control the amount of energy used is a feature of the smart home. • Some homes go the extra mile and incorporate things like solar panels to aid in the conservation of energy.

  15. The Future It is impossible to tell what technologies will come out to change the home as we know it. One thing is for certain the smart home will only become more automated and user friendly