Smart homes
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SMART HOMES. Team name : “The Positive Thinkers” Members : - Jovana Djurkovic, Montenegro - Fahd Masood, Pakistan - Vesna Djukanovic, Montenegro. Our vision of smart homes by the 2030. SMART HOMES.

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Smart homes


Team name: “The Positive Thinkers”

Members: - Jovana Djurkovic, Montenegro

- Fahd Masood, Pakistan

- Vesna Djukanovic, Montenegro

Smart homes1

The distinguishing factors of our Smart Homes would be as follows:

  • Solar Panel electricity generation

  • Potential extraction of water through Solar Panels ( happening in Some Rural Areas of Pakistan for irrigation purposes)

  • Greener homes

  • Recycling capabilities ( Recycling Bins etc)

  • Intelligent Electricity controls

Interviews - -

  • Radoje Damjanović,23 years old, student

  • Milena Ajković, 22 years old, student

  • Questions: 1. your vision of the 2030? 2. would you like to smart-homes become afordable for average people, not only for billionaires?; your opinion, how it should look like?; 4.what we can do about it in the near future?

  • Answers: 1.I think the map of the world will be completely changed because of the eartquakes and other natural disasters, and there will be more continents than now. Maybe Mars, which is so many researched, become our plenet of salvation.

  • 2. of course I would like! It is awesome when you have everything networked and you can manage from just one place! However, there comes a time when everything is computerized.This means that we can our small, one-story, houses transform into smart-homes with a little money. I think, because our houses are smaller, it should be easier to install all of that control systems...and CHEAPER.

  • 3. ugh, so let’s say...when we go somewhere- we can with phone or other device, check is everything ok at home, so we can manage with it by internet.

  • For examle: to switch of an iron  because it happen to me that I have to go back and check am I switched it, and it takes my time, and I am late on meetings or smth like that.

Person s we d like to meet
Person/s we’d like to meet !

Our team would love to meet someone from Navarra’s (Spain) Governing Party as we would like to know what their framework is to successfully implement Green Methods of Production.

P.S: According to 2008’s figures, 60-70% of Navarra (Spain) is running on Renewable Energy. Everyone who is reading through this should definitely search on Navarra and you would for sure support our team’s Idea !!! 