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Query and Report Print screens

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Query and Report Print screens. By Ava Mason. Report 1.

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report 1
Report 1

This report is about the preferred food group. I did this by finding out from my questionnaire results, which food group was the most preferred which was meat. This meant I had to put it as the group criteria. I then had to short list the amount, I did this by making sure the unit was grams and making the quantity less then 100. I made the quantity less then 100, because it is a good way to shortlist the information, and because not too much of each of the foods should be given. I researched this fact and found out that the quantity should be less then 100 but not too much less, so a healthy amount of food is given. So, when I make my meal card, I will use the group item which is less then 100, but still quite close to 100. I made the unit grams so that all of the items are measured in the same form, making it easier for me to understand.

report 2
Report 2

This shows the least preferred food group, which will be used in the meal card to help show that the most unpopular food group can be made tasteful as well as healthy. To shortlist these things, I had to make sure the group criteria was right. I also had to make it high in fibre, so that it can be the healthiest food ever. I researched this to find out whether the food being high in fibre made it healthier, and the research approved this fact.

report 3
Report 3

For this report, I had to short list the least favourite food group that can be used for dessert. Only two groups can be used for dessert, which is dairy and fruit. Although, on the meal card it specifically says a “fruit-based” dessert needs to be made. This means, I will use fruit as the food group, but find the healthiest fruit, to produce the healthiest dessert. I found the healthiest one by shortlisting the fruits using there levels of fibre (making it more healthy), and there levels of fat (low levels means better for your wellbeing). This way my dessert will be the healthiest options in the database.

report 31
Report 3

First, I got rid of the green folder image in the title, to make it look more attractive. I had to delete unnecessary information, such as the box at the bottom, stating how many items I have shortlisted. I also deleted the date and time as well as the page number, for I thought it was not needed information. I then looked the preview of how it would look if it was printed. I had to make sure everything was aligned. This is how it now looks, and how it would look if it was to be printed.

report 21
Report 2

I know did the same thing for the next report, which meant deleting information that is not needed, as well as making sure it fits well on a page, if it was going to be printed. The colours suited my theme, because I have often used blue throughout my work. I made sure they were different shades of blue, so that I could tell the difference between my different reports. This is now what it looks like.

report 11
Report 1

This report is also in the correct colour theme of my whole project, which means it symbolises my work. I made sure all information was aligned with only relevant items and titles needed. I also got rid of images which were not needed, such as the green folder next to my title. This shows my report in design view, and how it looks now if it was going to be printed.


I made this a checkpoint, making sure all my reports were:

. The same colour theme of blue

. Had enough information such as calories and fibre

. Did not have unnecessary information, such as the group

. Fit in the middle of the page when printed

. Had a introduction

. Were converted into PDF’s.


All the points in the checkpoint have been validated by this improvement, including having an introduction.

Proof from the preferred food group report that fibre is a healthy and not having it is unhealthy is shown:


This website is reliable for the information comes from a real health clinic, meaning the information must be valid.

Proof from the dessert items that fat is bad for you:


This is a reliable website, for it is a UK based website that is also a nutritional website.