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Screens and Photographs

Screens and Photographs. By: Ahmed Al-Shareef Grade: 7E Teacher: Mr. Kitcher Date: 20/4/2010. Photographs .

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Screens and Photographs

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  1. Screens and Photographs By: Ahmed Al-Shareef Grade: 7E Teacher: Mr. Kitcher Date: 20/4/2010

  2. Photographs • Each photograph has its own dimension, because not all photographs has a standard dimension. But now a days you can change the dimensions and make them bigger or smaller. Now if you make the photo bigger, it may become blurry. If you make the photo smaller, it may become too small that you barley can see it and of course you won’t see any writing. But if you stretch the photo, the photo’s size will change and it would look so different.

  3. The Different Sizes For The QA Badge The Normal Size. The Small Size The Big Size.

  4. Justification • If you get a picture of a model and as we know that models are skinny. If we stretch the picture she/he would look fat.

  5. Standard Dimensions • There are some standard dimensions. There is a difference between dimensions and standard dimensions. The difference is that dimensions are any two numbers (i.e. 13x18). The standard dimension are also two numbers but they are just dimensions that makes the picture the right shape and size, its not too big or too small or stretched out. It is a perfect size, mostly used (i.e. 4x6).

  6. Table on Sizes of Photographs and Aspect Ratios on Photographs.

  7. The DifferentDimension For the QA Badge • The standard dimension for the QA badge is . Now there is more than one QA badge all over the internet. There is one 2.75x2.75 which is like a square, there is 3.4x3.1 and that’s just bigger than 2.75x2.75, and many more. The ones that I did, the small and the normal and the big sizes have different dimensions. The small is 2.1x2.5, the normal is 3.95x4.0, and the big one is 11.9x12. 3.95” 4.0” 4.0” 3.95”

  8. Aspect Ratio • The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of the width to the height of the image. written as two numbers separated by a colon (:). Like x:y, no matter how big or small the image is. If the width of any shape is divided into (x) units of equal length and the height is measured using this same length unit, the height will be measured to be as (y) units. For example, if there was an image with an aspect ratio of 12:7. It will then be 12in. wide and 7in. high. Aspect ratios are mathematically expressed as x:y and x×y. (It doesn’t have to be in., it can be also cm. or mm. or km. or m. or mi. etc. but the number changes). Aspect ratio has a technical name. It is sometimes quite tricky getting your photos set to the right aspect ratios to print properly, but there are many software programs that may help you do it.

  9. How to find Aspect Ratio Ratio= 10:4.5 Height y-units – 4.5 units 1cm Width x-units – 10 units

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