Training session on general housing finance
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Training Session on General Housing Finance. Syed Nabeel Ahmed Rizvi Business Manager-Secured Products United Bank Limited. Mortgage Industry Overview. Mortgage Industry Overview. Housing Finance Market. Mortgage Market of Pakistan ( Gross Outstanding). Major Stakeholder.

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Training session on general housing finance

Training Session on General Housing Finance

Syed Nabeel Ahmed Rizvi

Business Manager-Secured Products

United Bank Limited

Mortgage market of pakistan gross outstanding
Mortgage Market of Pakistan (Gross Outstanding)

Regulation r 15

  • Banks/DFIs shall determine the housing finance limit, both in urban and rural areas, in accordance with their internal credit policy, credit worthiness and loan repayment capacity of the borrowers. At the same time, while determining the credit worthiness and repayment capacity of the prospective borrower, banks/DFIs shall ensure that the total monthly amortization payments of consumer loans, inclusive of housing loan, should not exceed 50% of the net disposable income of the prospective borrower.

  • The bank should not allow housing finance for the purchase of land but can extend finance for the purchase of land and construction on it.

  • The bank may allow housing finance for construction of houses against land owned by their customers

Types of housing finance
Types of Housing Finance

  • Buying a Home

    • Loan for Purchase of a constructed residential property like house, duplex, apartment and townhouse, where the said property can be mortgaged with the bank. With a maximum financing limit of 85% you can easily buy a house or apartment that best fits your requirements\

  • Building a Home

    • Building a Home is loan for construction of home over a residential plot.  The financing will be done in tranches. Customer provides the detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantity) and approved building plan for the construction. The customer, together with his/her architect and the bank’s approved appraiser, will prepare the BOQ.

Types of housing finance1
Types of Housing Finance

  • Home Equity - Renovation

    • Home equity loan is against residential property (as mentioned in “Home Purchase’), which the borrower already owns, for the purpose of making improvements in the property.

  • Land Plus Construction

    • Land + Construction loan is for Purchase of land and subsequent construction. The financing is done in 5 trenches (1st trench for purchase of land and subsequent 4 trenches for construction as per BOQ). The customer has to start construction within 6 months of purchase of land.

  • Balance Transfer Facility

    • Balance transfer is for financing of Mortgage taken out from other Banks

Regulation r 16 loan to value
REGULATION R-16 (Loan-To-Value)

The housing finance facility shall be provided at a maximum debt-equity ratio of


Regulation r 17

As per SBP PR: Banks/DFIs may extend mortgage loans for housing upto any tenure defined in the bank’s/DFI’s duly approved credit policy and keeping in view the maturities profile of their assets & liabilities

Regulation r 18

  • The house financed by the bank/DFI shall be mortgaged in bank’s/DFI’s favour by way of equitable or registered mortgage.

  • Registered Mortgage:

    • In registered mortgage (RM), the mortgagor binds himself to repay the mortgage money on a certain date and transfers the mortgaged property absolutely to the mortgagee but with the condition that it will re-transfer it to the mortgagor upon the payment of mortgage money as agreed. The mortgagee acquires the right to sell but only where mortgagor defaults in repayment of the loan.

  • Equitable Mortgage:

    • Being the most common and generally accepted, equitable mortgage (EM) is completed by deposit of title deed of the Property. EM also gives the right to sell to the creditor upon default by the borrower but only after obtaining permission of the court. The deposit of title deed is documented by means of a Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds [MODTD].

Regulation r 19

  • Banks/DFIs shall either engage professional expertise or arrange sufficient training for their concerned officials to evaluate the property, assess the genuineness and integrity of the title documents, etc.

  • PBA approved companies on penal or sufficient training for internal staff looking after the above tasks

Regulation r 20

  • The bank’s/DFI’s management should put in place a mechanism to monitor conditions in the real estate market (or other product market) at least on quarterly basis to ensure that its policies are aligned to current market conditions.

Regulation r 21

  • Banks are encouraged to develop floating rate products for extending housing finance, thereby managing interest rate risk to avoid its adverse effects.

Regulation r 21 classification
REGULATION R-21 (Classification)

Issues in housing finance
Issues in Housing Finance

  • Undocumented Economy

  • Our Legal Framework affecting Foreclosure of loan, takes long time to initiate legal prosecution against delinquent borrowers.

  • Transfer, Tenancy, Rent Control: it refers to the weak property transfer process in all over in Pakistan including in Urban or Rural areas both.

  • Rationalization of Transaction Costs: It varies with area and concerned allotment authorities.

Issues in housing finance1
Issues in Housing Finance

  • Integrated land registration information system

  • Financing on Housing project: there is no mechanism of project financing because of the potential threat of land grabbing mafias and political interventions.

  • Supply of land for affordable housing: availability of land for affordable housing is difficult

  • Structuring and streamlining Large Scale Developer’s Finance

Issues in housing finance2
Issues in Housing Finance

  • Facilitate low-cost/low-income housing models and products

  • Facilitate Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

  • Provision of long term funding for housing loans

  • Housing Observatory (housing market information system)

  • Capacity building of the mortgage banking industry in Pakistan

Training session on general housing finance


Branch Sales









Consumer Operations

for Booking

Process Flow


  • General

    • Copy of CNIC

    • Two recent photographs

      (also for Co-borrower whether income clubbing or not)


  • General

    Data Check, NADRA, Verisys, ECIB, SECP (where required), FBR, FRMU, Online Telephone verification is mandatory for all mentioned segments

Verifications reports
Verifications / Reports

  • Specific (Salaried)

    • Internal (telephone) verifications conducted for home

    • Internal (telephone) verifications conducted for office

    • Physical verifications conducted for office & home

    • Legal Opinion Taken from lawyers

    • Property Appraisal conducted from agency

    • Collateral VA conducted

    • Market Check variance with appraisal report

    • Housing price Grid variance with appraisal report

Verifications reports1
Verifications / Reports

  • Specific (Businessmen)

    • Internal (telephone) verifications conducted for home

    • Internal (telephone) verifications conducted for Business

    • Physical verifications conducted for office / Business & home

    • Legal Opinion Taken from lawyers

    • Property Appraisal conducted from agency

    • Collateral VA conducted

    • Market Check variance with appraisal report

    • Housing price Grid variance with appraisal report

Income estimation calculation
Income Estimation / Calculation

  • For salaried segment income is calculated through salary slip and bank statement (for unknown companies)

  • For SEB / SEP Class

    • Income is calculated through bank statement of the customer as per the existing income calculation methodology. Clubbing of income through 2 bank statements is allowed.