Wai puni kahaluu
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Wai Puni Kahaluu. 2011 Watershed Professionals Network (WPN) Edith Kanakaole Foundation The Kohala Center Hohonualewa ECONorthwest University of Redlands Funding by NOAA. Kumulipo : Wa ` Akahi (first age).

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Wai puni kahaluu



Watershed Professionals Network (WPN)

Edith Kanakaole Foundation

The Kohala Center



University of Redlands

Funding by NOAA

Kumulipo wa akahi first age
Kumulipo: Wa `Akahi (first age)

110. He nuku, he wai ka ‘ai a ka lä‘auA portal, plants are sustained by water

111. ‘O keAkuakekomo, ‘a‘oekomo kanaka The Gods enter, man does not have access

112. ‘O kekänehuawai, Akuakënä The man with the water gourd container is like a god

113. ‘O kälina a ka waiiho‘ouluai The vines that were propagated by water

114. ‘O ka huliho‘okawowohonua The taro top that multiplies

115. ‘O pa‘i ‘a‘aikeauau ka manawa A time when the root system spread

116. ‘O he‘e au loloa ka pö The night is long

117. ‘O piha, ‘o pihapiha Filling

118. ‘O piha‘ü, ‘o piha‘ä Cramming

119. ‘O piha‘ë, ‘o piha‘ö Stuffing

120. ‘O keko‘ohonuapa‘a ka laniSupportingthe earth, securing the skies

121. ‘O lewake au iäKumulipo ka pö The time of Kumulipo is unstable

122. Pönö It is night

Key questions
Key Questions

  • What and where are the major components of the water balance of the region (inputs/ processes/ outputs)?

  • How do we help to understand the value and function of the forest?

  • How do we articulate and better inform land managers and the public in their decision-making?

  • How do we state the obvious, in plain language?

Haumea doctrines disciplines
Haumea Doctrines & Disciplines


“Rising up from the land to cover it”

“Vertical & Horizontal Structure”

Primary Element of Water Capture

Ecosystem services
Ecosystem Services

  • Value = “Waiwai” (based upon water)

  • Laws/ Rules: “Kanawai” (bound by water)

    • KīhoʻihoʻiKanawai (Allowing restoration of a changed area)

    • Kua ‘ā Kanawai (preserve natural processes)

    • Kai OkiaKanawai (Buffer natural process areas)

  • Map and classify these areas

Economic valuation tradeoffs
Economic Valuation & Tradeoffs

Identifying the services valuable in native Hawaiian terms

Valuing those services in terms relevant to local decision-making

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Quantify and describe hydrologic processes

  • Map vegetation/ hydrologic connectivity

  • Develop valuation platform based on Kanawai

  • Develop a quantitative/ qualitative decision tool for land managers (based on available information)


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