itu t study group 15 optical and other transport network infrastructures n.
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ITU-T Study Group 15 Optical and other transport network infrastructures PowerPoint Presentation
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ITU-T Study Group 15 Optical and other transport network infrastructures

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ITU-T Study Group 15 Optical and other transport network infrastructures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITU-T Study Group 15 Optical and other transport network infrastructures. Yoichi Maeda. Contents. Terms of reference Highlights of achievements Future work Conclusions Supplemental slides. Terms of Reference. Optical and access transport networks

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  • Terms of reference
  • Highlights of achievements
  • Future work
  • Conclusions
  • Supplemental slides
terms of reference
Terms of Reference
  • Optical and access transport networks
  • Transport infrastructures, systems, equipment, optical fibres, control plane, metallic, optical and packet-based technologies
  • Home networking, access, metropolitan and long-haul sections of networks

Lead SG for:

    • Lead Study Group on access network transport
    • Lead Study Group on optical technology
highlights of achievements i
Highlights of achievements (I)

One of the most active SGs in study period of 2005-2008

AAP: 202 Recommendations

SG15 participants:

Max/Min/Average =360/239/300

Rapporteurs meetings held: 104

Contributions received: 1550

Action plans on developing country issues

Workshops and tutorials: 5

Technical brochures (Flyers): 9

G-PON interoperability showcases: 4

highlights of achievements i i
Highlights of achievements (II)
  • High-speed access networks
    • over copper loop (DSL) – 200Mbit/s aggregate
    • over optical fibre (G-PON) – 2.5 Gbit/s,up to 60km
  • HN transceivers providing up to 320Mbit/s
  • Initial draft of Power saving check-list for ICTs and climate change
highlights of achievements i i i
Highlights of achievements (III)
  • New types of optical fibres for access networks
  • DWDM and CWDM optical systems for long-distance and for metropolitan networks
  • Key optical components such as Raman amplifiers, adaptive chromatic dispersion components, polarization mode dispersion compensators
highlights of achievements i v
Highlights of achievements (IV)
  • Architecture, frame formats, protection mechanisms, management and control of Ethernet and MPLS-based packet transport
  • OTN (Optical Transport Network) technologies for equipment management and protection
  • OTN to support services at 40Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s
  • Timing and synchronization aspects of packet networks
  • Control plane functionality for Automatically Switched Optical Networks (ASON)
future work i
Future Work (I)
  • SG15 is expected to both continue and evolve the studies on optical transport networks and access network infrastructures
  • A clear focus on market requirements and drivers, technology innovation to enable the evolution towards future transport solutions.
  • This encompasses the development of related standards for the in-premises such as home networking, access, metropolitan and long-haul sections of telecommunication networks.
future work i i
Future Work (II)

Home networking transports over metallic conductors such as phone-line, coaxial, data and power cables

DSL enhancements

Next generation higher capacity optical access systems

Updating Access Network Transport (ANT) standardization Overview and ANT Work Plan

future work i i i
Future Work (III)
  • Start the evolution towards an All Optical Network (AON)
  • New types of optical fibres
  • Enhanced specifications of some crucial optical components and subsystems
future work i v
Future work (IV)

Future high-capacity (Terabit)optical and packet-based transport technologies

OTN (Optical Transport Network) to support new services at 100Gbit/s and beyond

Evolution towards intelligent transport networks creating an Automatically Switched Optical Networks (ASON)

Timing and synchronization aspects of new packet-based networks

  • Clear focus on market requirements and drivers, technology innovation to enablefuture transport network solutions
  • The speedy and successful development of the xDSL and PON accesses, and OTN Recommendations, making extensive use of novel EDH tools, demonstrate that ITU-T responds rapidly to important market needs
  • Evolution towards an All Optical Networks
  • SG15 is expected to continue and evolve the studies on optical transport and access network infrastructures
supplemental slides
Supplemental Slides
  • Management team
  • Structure
  • Statistics
  • Workshops and showcases
  • Tutorials
study group structure
Study Group Structure
  • WP1 Optical and metallic access networkAccess network transport over copper and fibre
  • WP2 Optical transport network technologyFibres, cables, components and systems
  • WP3Optical transport network structureTransport network




management and


statistics i
Statistics (I)
  • Rapporteurs meetings held: 104
  • Contributions received: 1550
  • SG meetings held: 6
  • Max/Min/Average SG participants: 360/239/300
statistics ii
Statistics (II)
  • 37 new Recommendations
  • modified 102 and revised 63 existing Recommendations;
  • developed four new and four revised Supplements
  • developed six periodic ANT and OTN Work and Standardization Plans as lead study group on these issues.
  • 14 Questions assigned by WTSA-04
  • 18 Questions proposed for next period
  • Joint ITU-T/IEEE Workshop on Next Generation Optical Access Systems
    • Geneva, 19 - 20 June 2008
  • Joint ITU-T/IEEE workshop on Carrier-class Ethernet
    • Geneva, 31 May (afternoon) - 1 June 2007
  • ITU-T Workshop on NGN and its Transport Networks
    • Kobe, 20 to 21 April 2006
  • Opportunities and challenges in Home Networking
    • Geneva, 13 - 14 October 2005
g pon interoperability showcases
G-PON interoperability showcases
  • NXTcomm 2008
    • Las Vegas, 16-19 June 2008.
  • NXTcomm 2007
    • Chicago, 18-21 June 2007
  • Telecom World 2006
    • December 4-8 2006
  • Supercomm 2005
    • Chicago, 7-9 June 2005
power saving tutorials
Power saving tutorials
  • A series of three one-hour power saving tutorials were held 13-15 February 2008
  • Each early-morning session attracted about 100 participants
  • SG15 can play its part in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing energy saving techniques in its standardisation work programme by focusing on the goals of reduced power consumption and energy efficiency
  • Consider opportunities and techniques for power saving in DSL and PON as well as energy efficient Ethernet
developing country issues
Developing country issues
  • SG15 action plan on developing country issues
  • Preparation of a new Supplement 42 on the use of the ITU-T Recommendations related to Optical Technology
    • to give to developing countries improved capability in the application of standards
    • also seen as benefiting the wider telecommunication industry, particularly manufacturers and operators, which could benefit from the greater involvement of developing countries in the making and application of standards.
highlights of projects promotion
Highlights of projects/promotion
  • Projects – updated at six SG meetings
    • Access Network Transport (ANT) Standardization Overview
    • ANT Work Plan
    • OTNT Standardization Work Plan
  • Promotion of SG 15 activities through
    • 30 ITU Press Releases and Newslog posting
    • 9 ITU-T Brochures (flyers)
    • 4 GPON interoperability events
    • Speakers at industry events
sg15 technical brochures flyers
SG15 technical brochures; flyers
  • CWDM - Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
  • DWDM - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • EoT - Ethernet over Transport
  • G-PON - Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network
  • Optical Fibres and cables
  • OTN - Optical transport network
  • OTS - Optical transmission systems
  • Synchronisation over packet networks
other activities
Other activities
  • Contributions to the ITU symposia on ICTs and climate change
  • Contributions to the JCA Home networking
  • Proposals to TSAG addressing EDH and Study Group restructuring
  • Study the results of the Kaleidoscope events and technology watch activities for new technologies which could become candidates for standardization.
registration and assignment
Registration and assignment
  • SG15 is responsible for registration and assignment
    • Use of the IEEE assigned Organizationally Unique Identifier for ITU-T with IEEE Std 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
    • Use of SAPI value in ITU-T Recommendation X.85/Y.1321
thank you
Thank you!

Yoichi Maeda has been Chairman of SG15

since 2004. Since joining NTT in 1980,

he has been engaged in research and

development on transport network

systems including SDH, ATM and IP technologies. From 1988 to 1989, he

worked for British Telecom Research

Laboratories as an exchange research

engineer. Since 1989, he has been an active participant in SG13 and SG15. From 2000 to 2004, he had been a Vice-Chairman of SG13. He is a member of the IEEE and a Fellow of IEICE of Japan. He is the Feature Editor on Standards for the IEEE Communications Magazine since 1999.

He is currently a Director of Standardization Promotion Section of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation.

He is also a Senior Adviser of NTT.