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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing
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Cloud Computing

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  1. Cloud Computing EDT 7860

  2. Cloud Computing Overview • Cloud Computing can be defined as a network of applications, services, and infrastructure that are located and maintained off-site and are accessible to users via the internet

  3. Choosing between local computing and cloud computing is similar to choosing between cooking at home and dining out at a restaurant.

  4. Examples of popular cloud computing applications include Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Blackboard Collaborate, and YouTube

  5. Wright State University switched from the locally-maintained Luminis Email Client to the cloud-based Outlook Email Client in 2011.

  6. ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTING Flexibility So many Peoples love to use the cloud computing because of the great advantage of flexibility, users can access stored data any where in the world, but the thing is you need a computer/laptop/smart phone/Android /Blackberry and other applicable devices with internet connections. Staff can access the data and files outside the office at any time.

  7. Low Cost This is the very great advantages for organizations to reduce their cost by having the cloud computing service. And also Organization can concentrate more to expand their business rather than concentrating on Software and hardware updates. Every thing is stetted up in host, which automatically saves the time and money for any organizations.

  8. Fast Service(Always Up time) Cloud computing service providers having infrastructure so server always in up-time. This results you no destruct ions in business. Depending upon business needs have to choose plans for fast access service.

  9. No need to worry about your lot of data and files to store, this provides more data to save the files in server. Here depending upon the data and usage you can choose the plans, available in different modes. Every thing is online, store your entire data in cloud and can access at any time in browser. More Storage Capacity

  10. Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Location of Cloud Servers Google's cloud servers are based both inside and outside of the United States. If servers located outside of the United States where hacked private and important information could be leaked or stolen “Google has 19 locations in the US where they operate data centers, 12 in Europe, one in Russia, one in South America, and three in Asia.”

  11. Security and Privacy Issue in the Cloud Since cloud computing is managed by third party server managers, companies and individual users of cloud computing run the risk of getting their data stolen by hackers or lost due to technical problems.

  12. Access to the Cloud When third party servers are experiencing technical difficulties companies and individual users aren’t able to access the data they have stored in the cloud.

  13. CLOUD COMPUTING AS A LEARNING TOOL • Accessibility • Storage • Collaboration • Communication • Time Management

  14. Locate notes and assignments! Accessibility Save homework on the Cloud! Access almost anywhere on a multitude of devices.

  15. Storage The Cloud allows its users to store almost all types of content and data including music, documents, eBooks, applications, photos, and much more. If students are completing a research project during class, they can save any information they want instead of printing off material and worrying about accessing it later.

  16. Collaboration • The Cloud enables effortless sharing and transmission of ideas. • This sharing benefits activities such as group projects and or collaborative lessons.

  17. Communication Teachers can post last minute reminders, upload documents to help students with assignments at home, etc. Parents can access the cloud from anywhere, even on mobile devices and tablets.

  18. Group recommendation in favor of or against have the school district invest in cloud computing Advantages Disadvantages Internet access throughout school district Security If your internet goes down, you are in trouble Hacking or leaking information • Reduced costs • Accessible anywhere with internet • Shared folders • Less personnel needed to manage systems