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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing. Group 3: Andiga Putra 1501163073 Ferry Gunawan 1501143651 Ivan Jonathan 1501183075 Stephen Sutandhi 1501142825 William 1501169934. What is Saas ? What is Paas ? What is Iaas ? Cloud computing provider in Indonesia.

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Cloud Computing

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  1. Cloud Computing Group 3: Andiga Putra 1501163073 Ferry Gunawan 1501143651 Ivan Jonathan 1501183075 Stephen Sutandhi 1501142825 William 1501169934

  2. What is Saas? • What is Paas? • What is Iaas? • Cloud computing provider in Indonesia. • Fee structure the provider offer to use cloud computing • What type of data will be the source of Big data (volume , velocity , variety ) ? • What is Structured data , Unstructured data and Semi structure data? And its example. • How  to use big data to give the benefit for company ? • What is the reason not much company in Indonesia use cloud computing ? • How we can calculate the value of investment of Big Data? Discussion

  3. What is Cloud Computing?

  4. The Cloud Computing Stack

  5. Software as a service

  6. “Vanilla” offerings where the solution is largely undifferentiated. A good example of a vanilla offering would include email where many times competitors use the same software precisely because this fundamental technology is a requirement for doing business, but does not itself confer an competitive advantage • Applications where there is significant interplay between the organization and the outside world. For example, email newsletter campaign software • Applications that have a significant need for web or mobile access. An example would be mobile sales management software • Software that is only to be used for a short term need. An example would be collaboration software for a specific project • Software where demand spikes significantly, for example tax or billing software used once a month Characteristics of SaaS

  7. Where SaaS Makes Sense

  8. Where SaaS May Not Be The Best Option

  9. Platform as a service

  10. Services to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain applications in the same integrated development environment. All the varying services needed to fulfill the application development process • Web based user interface creation tools help to create, modify, test and deploy different UI scenarios • Multi-tenant architecture where multiple concurrent users utilize the same development application • Built in scalability of deployed software including load balancing and failover • Integration with web services and databases via common standards • Support for development team collaboration – some PaaS solutions include project planning and communication tools • Tools to handle billing and subscription management Characteristics of PaaS

  11. Where PaaSMakes Sense

  12. Where PaaSMay Not Be The Best Option

  13. Infrastructure as a Service

  14. Where IaaSMakes Sense

  15. Where IaaSMay Not Be The Best Option

  16. Cloud Computing in Indonesia

  17. Share of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in theIndonesian Cloud Computing Market

  18. Big Data

  19. Volume

  20. Velocity

  21. Variety

  22. Structured data is often managed using Structured Query Language (SQL) – a programming language created for managing and querying data in relational database management systems. Structured Data

  23. Unstructured data is all those things that can't be so readily classified and fit into a neat box: photos and graphic images, videos, streaming instrument data, webpages, pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, emails, blog entries, wikis and word processing documents. Unstructured Data

  24. Semi-structured data is a cross between the two. It is a type of structured data, but lacks the strict data model structure. With semi-structured data, tags or other types of markers are used to identify certain elements within the data, but the data doesn’t have a rigid structure. Semi-structured Data

  25. The reason why not much company in Indonesia use cloud computing

  26. (Gain from investment – Cost of investment )* 100/ Cost of investment Value of investment of Big Data Formula

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