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Design Issues

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Design Issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Design Issues. Wasim akram. Commercial.

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design issues

Design Issues



I think this website has achieved their specific purpose because it all up to date but one thing I would say about this website would be the use of white space it doest really attract peoples attention to the page its a bit boring and dull. Another good thing about this website is it has people reviews about the website so we can see what others think about it.


The things that are wrong with this website are the use of colour it doesn’t stand out and the home page doesn’t really have the information that people need. It has a search bar to find something that you want it makes it unique to you because its you who is searching for it.another bad thing about this website is they havnt used all the page there is a lot of white space


This website has achieved its specific purpose its updated daily and has a good source of information. The website also has a search bar to find what you are looking for. You could also use this website on your phone if your on the move or if you want to find out what's happening around near you. It has different subjects to choose from stuff like sport weather news ect..


This website could do with some more information on the homepage telling the audience what the website offers they could update the website more often by changing the colour to attract peoples attention