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In one ancient legend, a man was lost in the desert when he stumbled upon a ruined shrine, and inside lay a beautiful woman, sleeping quietly on the floor. He heard the sound of softly dripping water and noticed that a peaceful rain was falling within the building. He felt a cool breeze and a gentle mist spiraled about him. He then looked at the woman once again. He stood, and stared, until she woke and softly smiled at him. She stood and pointed to a dead fountain in the back of the room. Immediately, the fountain sprang to life and the water poured forth. The man ran to it and revived himself in the sparkling waters. When he looked back, the woman no longer stood, but a young and plump cow. “Mooo,” she said. He looked back in gratitude, “Mooo,” he gently replied. The cow smiled and soared off into the air.

For many millennia, Bessie had been regarded as a benevolent bringer of water, but troubles had now come……..

Bessie had not come to Venutia in 15 years, and the planet was dying. Something had to be done, and soon. All the water reservoirs were now dry, and the people were dying rapidly. One young Venutian decided to take control of the situation and began his search for Bessie. His name was Zog, and he had been an outcast all his life. He was born green and ugly, and was abandoned in the wilderness. He grew up wild, but brilliant. He created a flying device, and was able to journey to other worlds. He created numerous devices, but was still an outcast among the Venutians. He longed to live a normal life, but his appearance would not allow that. When the rains ceased, he then thought that this could be his chance to finally find his place among the normal Venutians. He leapt into his spacecraft, and began his great search for Bessie………

According to Venutian legend, there is a great benefactor to their planet known throughout history simply as “Bessie.” She was once thought to have been a leader of a great alien race that saw fit to rain down good things upon the Venutians. Every year she appeared as a great bovine, sailing through the heavens. As she soared, the rains came and the planet prospered. All the Venutians wondered at this marvel and contemplated the mysteries of this great creature.

Click Me



I, I,I can hear them….

They are calling to me…..

They’re coming….

They’re coming for me….


They want……

I am searching for Bessie, the fabled space bovine.

And there is yet another cow..

How many more are there?


Are they friend…

…or foe…..

What! There is another one! This cannot be possible!



It’s her!! It’s Bessie! I have found her at last!! BLISS!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! They’re going into my mind!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

…………My Brain…………







Click Me





And so Zog returned to Venutia, with the brain of a cow instead of his own. He was pronounced insane and a threat to society, and so was executed. Bessie never did return, and all that remains of what was once the great civilization of Venutia are their ruined buildings lying on a windswept desert plain…………

……….And the roaming forms of Bessie and her companions still stalk those who wander among the stars……………