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Stephanie Perry Moore

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Stephanie Perry Moore. By: Emmani West . Some interesting facts. She is a motivational speaker and a communist activist. She is the Executive Producer and Creator of a web show which is called Locker Jam if you would like to check it out. I know you’ll love it!

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stephanie perry moore

Stephanie Perry Moore

By: Emmani West

some interesting facts
Some interesting facts
  • She is a motivational speaker and a communist activist.
  • She is the Executive Producer and Creator of a web show which is called Locker Jam if you would like to check it out. I know you’ll love it!
  • She lives in Atlanta and is happily married to a former NFL player.
  • She has three beautiful children named Dustyn which is 16, Sydni who is 14 and another child who is named Sheldyn that is 12.
  • Stephanie Perry Moore is a Christian fiction novelist that is truly from the South. She was born in South Carolina, raised in Virginia(where I was born) Educated in Alabama.
  • She has penned over 25 inspirational titles set in the part of the country. She has produced Women of Color Cookbooks and The Men of Color Study Bible as well.
some other interesting facts
Some other interesting facts
  • It took this terrific author seven whole years to get published by one book.
  • She has announced on her website( that it is a great honor and a calling to write for the Lord.
  • When she was little, she used to write television episodes for the BILL COSBY show even though she never sent it. From that day forward, she knew she loved reading. This helped her love reading.
  • Stephanie Perry Moore writes novels for young adults, adults, teens, young children and Christians. She hopes to reach out to people all over the world so they can become Christians as well and spread the word too!
  • She has published Chasing Faith, The Payton Skyy Series, The Perry Jr. Series, The Laurel Shadrach Series, A Lova Like No Otha and With My Halo Titled( Her new release if you want to check it out. It is about a married couple who are having relationship problems with another and their only child who is suffering through their terrifying arguments.)
author connections
Author connections
  • Stephanie has a connection to this book because its not easy staying a healthy, teenage, female virgin when boys are making it harder and harder for you each day.
  • She also, has a connection because it’s not easy being a Christian and it takes time to get a strong walk with Christ. In order to do this, she had to count on the lord just like Payton. These experiences such as having trouble keeping a good attitude like her book, helped her grow into the amazing Christian she is today. Everyday she is counting on god. If she didn’t have inspiration from different parts of the world and having

Staying pure

By Stephanie Perry Moore

author connections1
Author connections
  • Stephanie has a connection with Chasing Faith because this book talks about needing prayer even when you have lost hope. She connects because Stephanie and the character both need help sometimes whether it’s from God or someone close to you.
  • She also has a connection with this book because she has a job and she needs to concentrate on what is most important to her. She needs to make a choice everyday on whether it is worth choosing her wants instead of her needs like being with her husband and kids or focusing on praising the lord through books and worship.

Chasing Faith

By Stephanie Perry Moore

why i picked this author
Why I picked this author
  • I picked this author because not only is she an amazing, well-known role model but, she knows how to achieve her goals and counts on the Lord to help her through her marriage, accomplishments and her writing.
  • I also picked this author because she is from Virginia and she loves to read and write just like me. I know I can learn from her writing and eventually be a strong Christian just like her one day if I stick by God and please him.
chasing faith
Chasing faith

Chasing faith is another book I’m reading. A girl named Christian has a job that deals with making sure Mr. Stokes's family doesn’t get harmed. She meets his son, Stabastian and falls in love but, her job is at stake. She is also, accused of doing something she knows she didn’t do and faces time in jail while Stabastian tries to get her out. She finally gets out from all the prayer she has been doing. Stabastian becomes lieutenant governor and governor as well just like he wanted so he could help peopleand to Christian's surprise, He ask her to marry her.

staying pure
Staying pure

Staying pure is one of the amazing books I’ve read about a young teenage girl that is facing troubles when her boyfriend Dakari dumps her. She goes through hard times but learns how o depend on god and meets someone that can help her see within herself and be a better Christian. She also learns that staying pure is better than giving up something that you will never get back.

pressing hard to make people smile
Pressing Hard to make people smile

When. Stephanie released her new book, “A+ Attitude”, She got pulled over by the cops on her way to school and had a bad attitude. Luckily, the officer gave her a warning because she tried to stay as calm as possible.

When, she got to the school, her frustrated face turned into a happy face when she saw the kids admiring her new youth book that had just been released. She knew she was doing what god wanted her to do in her life.

She said, “Take away point for you, in every situation there is a silver lining so smile!”

cool to be a proud parent
Cool to be a proud parent

Stephanie gives great advice about parenthood.“If you’re a parent out there, you know it’s hard raising our young people. We want them to soar, excel, and accomplish great things. And if we’re honest we’re on them 24-7. Isn’t it a blessing when they have a great day? It can change your life.”