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Writing + Rhetoric

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Writing + Rhetoric. Week 1 ENG 1005: Writing about Social Justice. What’s your definition of writing? More specifically, why write? What is your definition of rhetoric ? Does rhetoric matter?. Writing is a social process. Writing is an economic power Writing is a social necessity

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writing rhetoric

Writing + Rhetoric

Week 1 ENG 1005: Writing about Social Justice

What’s your definition of writing?More specifically, why write?What is your definition of rhetoric?Does rhetoric matter?
writing is a social process
Writing is a social process

Writing is an economic power

Writing is a social necessity

Writing is knowledge

Beyond this, to write is to be human: writing is a skill that will help you relate ideas, solve problems, interpret complex symbols, and make sense of the human experience.

Language is a uniquely human skill that can…

what is rhetoric
What is rhetoric?

Rhetoric is the “art” or the discipline that deals with the use of discourse, either spoken or written, to inform or persuade or motivate an audience, whether that audience is made up of one person or a group.

What makes it an art?

Why aren’t casual phrases or “small talk” included into rhetoric?

Rhetoric is formal, premeditated, and sustained and seeks to exert influence over an audience.

rhetoric etymology
Rhetoric: etymology

Comes from the Greek word “to believe”; also from Greek word rhema(a word)

A rhetoris a teacher of oratory

Can cover argumentative + expository forms of discourse

Rhetoric implies a strategy, which comes from the Greek word for army

There is thought put in to how you will persuade your audience and picking/organizing the available means of persuasion is the “art” of rhetorical analysis/speech

communications triangle
Communications Triangle

Subject : (Res) : What




the envoy pleads with achilles
The Envoy Pleads with Achilles

Set the scene. What’s happening in the IX book of Homer’s Illiad?

What does Agamemnon hope to do in selecting who he selects to speak to Achilles.

Although we no longer pause in the heat of battle to deliver oratory, where else do you see similar rhetorical situations arise with regard to war?

Ultimately, what persuades Achilles to fight?

terms to know
Terms to know

Deliberative discourse: concerned with future time; uses exhortation and dissuasion; worthy/worthless; advantageous/injurious

So, when trying to persuade, one tactic is to show the end is good in and of itself, or something that will benefit the person.

Dispositio: arrangement (why we dispose the audience with humor)

Narratio: also means exposition, which means to put the audience in the “place” of affairs

Confirmatio: also means proof; this is where the speaker/writer uses all available means

in class exercise i playing to the audience
In-class exercise I:Playing to the audience

Think of a time recently when you’ve tried to convince someone to change their opinion or to do something you wanted them to do.

Write a brief sequence of what you did/said to convince them to do what you wanted.

What appeals did you use?

How did you set up your argument?

Can you find similarities between your appeals and the appeals that Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax made to Achilles?

What worked/didn’t work in your appeal?

Be prepared to share

in class exercise ii deconstruct this ad using the communications t riangle
In-Class Exercise II:Deconstruct this ad using the communications triangle



Choose an advertisement on a social justice issue important to you.

Attempt to write what you consider a sound rhetorical analysis of the ad using what you already know about writing, research and analysis. (This may require you to go online to find examples of rhetorical analysis).

The only guidelines I will give you include: 500-800 words. Typed. MLA format. Submit to TurnitInby Thursday at 9. a.m.