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  2. First, are Analytics really that sexy? What’s the connection between these two gentlemen ? Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), MoneyBall, 2011 Nate Silver, in real life (IRL), present time • They both use data to be very good at what they do Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  3. What can Analytics actually do for you? Nate Silver’s Success Story -Time-series in 5 time-points AGE ACHIEVEMENTS UNLOCKED • 13-year-old > develop his first baseball stats • 25-year-old > builds PECOTA* (baseball algorithm) during work hours on an Excel sheet *Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm • 30-year-old > uses Analytics to predict Obama’s Election 31-year-old > makes it into World's 100 Most Influential People of TIMEmagazine 35-year-old > writes The Signal and the Noise: Amazon’s #1 best nonfiction book of 2012 Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  4. The sexiest job of the 21st Century Digital Architect Everyone knows we’re living a century where ‘Data is the new Oil’ : Regular Data have turned into “Big Data” waiting to be explored : Big Data are… • Live Data (Velocity) • Contextual Data (Volume) • User-Generated Data (Variability) Analytics are the process of examining large amounts of data varying in types : • Social media activity reports Banking Account transactions Web server logsInternet clickstream Data Cellphone calls details GPS Coordinates & Navigation Mobile Apps activity Logs e-commerce activities reports Search queries and (many) basically any other type of data… A Data Architect is an expert or a consultant who excels at analyzing data “Data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st Century!” • Thomas Davenport, Harvard Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  5. The Digital Architect Profile • ANALYTICS Project Management Quantitative skills in statistics, machine learning, operational research, modelling, experimental methodologies, and performance management • IT Analytics IT • Data management, database design, coding and Business Intelligence tools Digital Architect Future You Competency Model • BUSINESS • Strategic and in-depth knowledge of industries environment and functional domains Business Commu-nication • COMMUNICATION • Expressing complex ideas in simple terms, Visualizing complex data analyses • On top of these 4 core skills Leadership • Leadership & Project Management Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  6. Pierre NantermeLes technologies SMAC • Where does Big Data actually come from ? Pierre Nanterme, PDG d’Accenture, ancien ESSEC Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  7. Training tomorrow’s Digital Architects An original and personalized approach Our program aims at attracting high-motivated students with quantitative skills • Throughout the program: • You will develop your skills in Analytics, coding, IT, Business and Communication • You will be exposed to Accenture’s wide range of cases, clients, and issues • You will elaborate acareer plan - personalized development approach • You will build a privileged relationship with experimented practitioners • You will position yourself as a thought leader on Analytics-related topics • You will become part of an international dynamic community of Analytics experts Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  8. Core and Elective Courses (1/2) 5 MANDATORY COURSES Strategic Business Analytics Chair

  9. Core and Elective Courses (2/2) 1 MINIMUM ELECTIVE COURSE * Course code not defined yet Strategic Business Analytics Chair ACCENTURE@ESSEC_BUSINESSANALYTICS_4June2014 v1.pptx (1 409 Ko)

  10. To start applying to the Strategic Business Analytics Chair : Send your Resume (CV) to before July 15th, 2014 THANK YOU ! • Please note that for 2014-2015 (i.e. only next year!), there will be no selection ! • You only need to register via standard registration rounds to take the classes of the Chair • Bachelors : you can send your resume now and start selection process at your return on 2014-2015 T2 ! June 4th 2014