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Business Analytics

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Business Analytics. Faculty of Sciences. Why Business Analytics?. Business Analytics in practice: The VU medical centre. Situation at VUmc. Containers with medical instruments 1800 different containers 1 till 20 containers needed for 1 operation 32 operati ng rooms 60 departments

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Business Analytics

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Business Analytics

Faculty of Sciences

why business analytics
Why Business Analytics?

Business Analytics in practice: The VU medical centre

situation at vumc
Situation at VUmc

Containers with medical instruments

  • 1800 different containers
  • 1 till 20 containers neededfor 1 operation
  • 32 operatingrooms
  • 60 departments
  • 80 storage rooms
problems at vumc
Problems at VUmc
  • Lack of space
  • Loss of materials
  • Financial limitations
  • Miscommunication betweendepartments


  • Longer operations
  • Extra costs
  • Too many items in stock
  • Not enough items in stock
role of mathematics
Role of Mathematics
  • How many storage rooms?
  • Minimalize walking distances
  • Analyse demand for products
  • Calculate stock levels
  • Determine order strategy
  • How to cope with variability?
role of information sciences
Role of Information Sciences
  • Stock registration
  • Formulate demands on software
  • Calculate profits/costs
role of business
Role of Business
  • Standardization
  • Fear of changes
  • Outsourcing
  • Arrangements with suppliers
  • Independency
  • Expand storage
the ideal mix business analytics
The ideal mix: Business Analytics
  • Focused on improving business processes with the use of:
    • Mathematics
    • Information Sciences
    • Business
  • Practical solutions via:
    • better information
    • smarter decision rules
    • better risk management
business analytics master p rogram me 1
Business Analytics: Master Programme(1)
  • 2-years (120 EC), in English
  • Specializations
    • Optimization of business processes
    • Computational intelligence
    • Risk management for financial markets
  • Internship
    • Six months (36 EC)
    • Contacts with more than 200 business companies
business analytics master programme 2
Business Analytics: Master Programme (2)
  • Compulsory courses (33 EC):
    • Applied Stochastic Modeling
    • Applied Analysis: Financial Mathematics
    • Data Mining Techniques
    • Project Optimization of Business Processes
    • Scientific Writing in English
    • Statistical Modeling
  • BA research paper (6 EC)
  • BA Internship (36 EC)
admission requirements master ba
Admission requirements: Master BA
  • Bachelor of Science
  • At least 90 EC Mathematics and/or Computer Science and/or Econometrics courses
  • At least 45 EC Mathematics courses,including Probability Theory and Statistics
  • English language skills
admission requirements premaster ba
Admission requirements: Premaster BA
  • HBO-Bachelor degree Bedrijfswiskunde
  • Other HBO-bachelor degree with sufficient mathematics/econometrics courses
  • Bachelor diploma has to be obtained before 1 september 2012 !!
business analytics premaster programme 1
Business Analytics: Premaster Programme (1)
  • 1 year, 30 EC compulsory program
    • Algemene Statistiek
    • Discrete Optimalisatie
    • Heuristieken
    • Inleiding Programmeren
    • Statistische Data Analyse
    • Stochastische Processen
  • Tuition fee: €1,771 (not refundable)
business analytics premaster programme 2
Business Analytics: Premaster Programme (2)
  • Make appointment with mastercoordinator: René Swarttouw,
  • Apply before 1 July 2012
  • Register before 1 September 2012
business analytics the dual variant
Business Analytics: The Dual Variant
  • Combination of study and work
    • As regular employee with matching salary
    • parttime work, parttime study
    • Total duration of study: 2½ year
  • Possible only after the premaster year
  • Job application! Companies select!
business analytics parttime
Business Analytics: Parttime
  • NO separate programme for parttime students
  • Lectures and practical work during the day and spread over the week
  • Individual programme, dependent on availability
  • Recommended availabiliy: two days!

Pre-Master's programme: Tuition fees and duration of studies

  • In the 2012-2013 academic year, the contract rate for the Pre-Master’s programme is equal to the statutory rate of € 1,771. Tuition for non-EEA nationals is €9,000 or €11,000, depending on the Pre-Master’s programme in question.
  • The contract rate is a fixed rate which is not refundable upon termination of enrolment, even though the programmes are generally worth 30 credits. Pre-Master’s students cannot receive exemption from paying tuition based on having paid tuition fees to the university or to another institute of higher education for a regular Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.
  • The nominal duration of study for students coming from higher professional education (HBO) is four years, with one additional year at the statutory rate. The Pre-Master’s year is exempted for this purpose.

Master's programme: Tuition fees and duration of studies

  • The statutory tuition fee is €1,771.
  • The nominal duration of study is 1 year for 60 credits, 2 years for 120 credits, and 3 years for 180 credits. Students may study for one additional year at the statutory rate. After this additional year, they must pay the higher statutory rate of €4,834.Students wishing to take a second Master’s must pay the institutional rate (€10,500 per year at the faculties of Arts, Theology and Philosophy and €12,000 at other faculties).
  • The statutory rate applies to students taking a second Master’s in healthcare or education whose first Master’s is not in one of these fields.
  • The institutional rate does NOT apply to students taking two Master’s simultaneously as long as both degrees will be completed before 1 September 2013.

For questions and up-to-date information:

  • Student Admissions stand at the Master’s Day information fair