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western democracies PowerPoint Presentation
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western democracies

western democracies

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western democracies

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  1. western democracies

  2. Democracy • Greek demos - “the people” kratein - “to rule” • political system in which the people of a country rule through any form of government they choose to establish

  3. individual freedom, which entitles citizens to the liberty and responsibility of shaping their own careers and conducting their own affairs; equality before the law; universal suffrage and education. delegating the power to govern to their elected representatives [in`taitl] – давать право [`kondәkt ә`feә] – управлять делами [i:`kwoliti] – равенство [`s/\fridз] – избирательное право The major features of modern democracy include

  4. Does “democracy” really mean it? • People do what they want. • All people and authorities follow the constitution. • People rule the country. • People elect their representatives to rule the country. • People do what they want within the framework of the law. • People say what they think. • People elect the head of the state directly.

  5. Monarchy a constitutional monarchy (a parliamentary democracy) a federal (presidential) republic Political systems

  6. form of government in which one person has the hereditary right to rule as head of state during his or her lifetime Monarchs include such rulers as kings and queens, emperorsand empresses, czars, and kaisers. European monarchies were dynastic, with the throne usually being passed on to the eldest son or nearest male descendant. [hi`reditri] - наследственный [`emprә] – император [`kaizә] - кайзер [di`næstik] – династический [meil di`sendәnt] – потомок мужского пола monarchy

  7. The constitution limits the power of the Crown and gives a considerable share of political power to the people. The monarch reigns with the support of Parliament. The monarch takes no part in the decision-making process. Everything is done on the advice of the elected Government. [rein] - царствовать constitutional (parliamentary) monarchy

  8. is a federal union of states with a republican form of government. Thehead of state is termed president. is appointed as the result of an election. If the head of state of a republic is at the same time the head of government, this is called a presidential system. federal (presidential) republic

  9. The Queen • President • Prime Minister • Ministers • Lawmakers • Members of the opposition

  10. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Government Parliament The House of Lords The House of Commons