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GSC Reorg Proposal

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GSC Reorg Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GSC Reorg Proposal. January 2014. Proposal Outline. Needs Assessment: For a Reorganization Some Context: Last Year & This Year The Proposal: For Next Year Reasoning & Open Discussion Next Steps. I. Needs Assessment. Currently the GSC is comprised of 28 Leadership Positions .

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gsc reorg proposal

GSC Reorg Proposal

January 2014

proposal outline
Proposal Outline

Needs Assessment: For a Reorganization

Some Context: Last Year & This Year

The Proposal: For Next Year

Reasoning & Open Discussion

Next Steps

i needs assessment
I. Needs Assessment
  • Currently the GSC is comprised of 28Leadership Positions .
  • (This includes the CDRS and Section Reps)
  • But, many responsibilities are concentrated in too few roles, making some roles unsustainable and others redundant?

Alonso Hidalgo

Dir. of Technology

How we’re going to get things done better.

And how we’re going to pay for all of it.

Chet Clem

GSC President

II. Context

Last year

Mariana Robina

VP of Finance

Amanda Kelley & Michelle Dilanian

VPs of Evening Students

Danny Donovan

Executive VP


VP of Fast-Track

Oriana Torres

VP of Marketing & Communications

Effectively Communicating to the Community.

Alan Garcia

Dir. of Int’l Affairs.

Student Life

Extracurricular Life Is Half of Your Education

Getting In

Ensuring a Strong Future Student Body

Educational Core

Coordination with Deans & Faculty

After Babson

Staying Connected After Babson

Getting Out

The Internship and Job Search Process


A Sound Body & Mind, and Healthy Habits

Kelly Lannan

VP of Student Activities


Dir. of Alumni Relations

Rebecca Cooper

VP of Academic Affairs

Yo Gross

Dir. Of CCD Relations


Dir. of Student Health

Melanie Michelangeli

Dir. of Partners Program


Dir. of Admissions for

Full-Time Students

Cheryl Cronin

Dir. of Admissions for

Evening Students

• Responsible for recruiting the future classes of Babson MBAs.

• Work with Alumni Office to help vet future applicants to ensure a correct “fit” with Babson.

• Full adoption of the “No Asshole Rule.”

• Make sure that students have what they need for the most productive educational experience possible.

• Ensure access to all necessary materials.

• Work towards full adoption and utilization of current and new IT tools.

Proposed Position.

• Responsible for coordinating existing health-oriented programs at Babson, and create a culture of physical and mental wellness.

• Be a liaison between these clubs and the GSC.

• Work with CCD to be sure that individual student needs/goals are met.

• Incorporate disparate processes (CCD advisors, MTYOO, Personality tests etc.) and develop a more holistic approach for each student.

• Encourage greater Alumni involvement in the Babson MBA program, most importantly networking and mentorship to current students.

• Continue to strengthen the Class of 2013 involvement, and future classes.

Brian DePamphilis & _

“COR” Representatives

• Improve upon existing events and initiatives, and don’t be afraid to kill ones that aren’t working.

• Consistent, high-quality events with involvement/appeal across all classes.

ii context this year
II. ContextThis year

2 CDRS: Guillermo Turull and RishabhAggarwal + 6 First Year Reps

iii the proposal
III. The Proposal

The Changes

New Roles Proposed

  • Add 1 New Co-VP of Activities
  • Add 1 New VP of Communication/PR (Branding)
  • Add 1 New VP of Club Management

Old Roles Cut

  • Remove the Director of Wellness and Health Position
  • Remove the CDR Positions

& Some Structural Changes

  • Roll the VPs to the President
  • Roll the Directors and the VPs up to the Executive VP
  • Roll the First Year Section Reps up to the VP of Academic Affairs
iii role shifting
III. Role Shifting

The new composition is slightly smaller but hopefully more effective

iv responsibility
IV. Responsibility

Recommended, but Flexible Year to Year


III. The Proposal

The New Structure

President (1)

VP of Academic Affairs (1)

VP of Club Management

VP of Finance (1)

Executive VP (1)

VP of Activities (2)

VP of Communication/PR/Secretary

First Year Class Reps (6)

Director of Events Marketing (1)



Director of the Partners Program (!)

Career Development

First Years

Director of International Students (1)



Director of Health And Wellness



CDR (3)


Blue- new positions

Red- cut positions

iv reasoning open discussion
IV. Reasoning & Open Discussion…
  • Add more support to the administrative half of the organization (club management and communications), both which are very big jobs for busy students
  • Add more concrete responsibilities/traditions for specific rolls to pass on from one year to the next (transition)
  • Give everyone (more classes/cohorts) more input on the social calendar
next steps
Next Steps
  • Is there anything that is a deal-breaker? Yes/No?
  • Of your remaining concerns, how can they be addressed?
  • Anything else?
  • Thanks!

just extra slides

who we are
Who We Are

Oscar Montero

Community Development Reps: Guillermo Turull and RishabhAggarwal