title saving maddie varian johnson published 2010 non fiction n.
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title: Saving Maddie Varian Johnson Published:2010 non fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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title: Saving Maddie Varian Johnson Published:2010 non fiction

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title: Saving Maddie Varian Johnson Published:2010 non fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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title: Saving Maddie Varian Johnson Published:2010 non fiction

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  1. title: Saving MaddieVarian JohnsonPublished:2010non fiction Erin Bergeron 6th per.

  2. Setting • This books setting is a normal average town setting, called Conway. It has all the features that wouldn’t take away from the characters but from what I read it seems very pretty. • The setting has a church, four different neighborhoods, a club, a gas station, a hotel, a field, and an airport. • If this setting was different it would take away from the characters. It is important to know what the setting is because when reading a book everyone has different imaginations so the setting could be in anyone's way of thinking.

  3. Characters The two main characters are Madeline smith and Joshua Wynn. Madeline and Joshua both have dads that are preachers, there both seventeen and Joshua is a boy and Madeline is a girl. Madeline- is fun, but serious, and talkative. Joshua- is brave, faithful and good. Madeline is fun because she likes to hang loose and she doesn’t always follow the rules, she is serious because she cares enough to get a job, she is talkative because the first sentence in the book is her talking. Joshua is brave because he tries to save Madeline from all the difficult things, he is faithful because his dad is a preacher and goes to church every Sunday, he’s good because he doesn’t do the things that other teenage boys would do.

  4. Conflict • The main conflict is Joshua is trying to “save” Madeline from all of the bad things in her life because she is known to do wrong things and Joshua’s parents doesn’t want Joshua to be with Madeline because she’s a bad example. Joshua does the opposite, he’s with her all the time. • Man vs. Man

  5. Summary of Plot • Joshua Wynn is a preachers kid and a good boy who always does the right things. Until Madeline comes back to town. Madeline is the daughter of the old associate pastor of Joshua's town church and childhood crush. Madeline is all grown up and pretty but she is a trouble maker. Joshua’s parents don’t want Joshua to be with Madeline at all.

  6. Theme • People can be bad, but if you get to know them better you may fall in love with them. • Text Evidence 1: “ I could save her-just not necessarily in the way dad was thinking” page# 84 • Text Evidence 2: “What happened to her in the five years she left Conway?” page# 80 • Text Evidence 3: “But my body was to busy trying to stop my heart from cracking in two” page# 225

  7. Point of View • It uses Joshua’s point of view. Joshua is the main character, so it helps the reader show what Joshua is the thinking about. The story would really be different if it was in Madeline's point of view because Madeline was out of the setting for five years.

  8. Symbolism • On the front of the book there is a cross. The cross could symbolize a lot of religious and faithful things. There was a lot of religious things in the book because Joshua’s dad is a preacher.

  9. Recommendation • I recommend this book because it really got me interested in the first chapter. I usually don’t like reading that often but I really liked this book and author. I would love to read more from this author.