mother teresa s life of work n.
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Mother Teresa's life of work PowerPoint Presentation
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Mother Teresa's life of work

Mother Teresa's life of work

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Mother Teresa's life of work

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  1. Mother Teresa's life of work

  2. Mother Teresa is invited by pariahs as she lands at St. Lazarus Leprosy Village's congregation in Shinhung, Korea on January 27, 1985. REUTERS/Tony Chung

  3. Pope John Paul II clasps hands with Mother Teresa in the wake of going by the Casa del Cuore Puro, Mother Teresa's home for the down and out and biting the dust in Calcutta, February 3, 1986. REUTERS/Luciano Mellace

  4. Nobel peace prize victor Mother Teresa holds nine-month-old Christina Ott from Switzerland amid a marking service in Hong Kong January 16, 1985. REUTERS

  5. Mother Teresa takes care of a patient in her home for the withering in Calcutta's overflowing ghetto on February 2, 1986 hours before the entry of Pope John Paul for a meeting between them which will be a highlight of the ecclesiastical visit. REUTERS/S. Akatsuka

  6. Mother Teresa favors columnists and picture takers assembled in the patio of the central command of her Missionaries of Charity in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta as Sister Nirmala looks March 14, 1997. REUTERS

  7. Mother Teresa raises a hand as she addresses an expansive group in Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum on May 29, 1988. REUTERS/Don Denton

  8. Mother Teresa touches the defensive window towards the substance of a youthful kid who was among the hundreds who came to welcome her at the Quebec Airport, June 10, 1986. Reuters/Jacques Boissinot

  9. Princess Diana holds the hands of Mother Teresa of Calcutta amid talks at the Missionary Sisters of Charity living arrangement amid her first metting with the 81 year old Nobel Peace Prize champ in Rome February 19, 1992. REUTERS/Domenico Stinelus

  10. Mother Teresa asks at the St. Francis of Assisi's Church on January 14, 1985 in Hong Kong. REUTERS/Andrew Wong

  11. Mother Teresa of Calcutta favors one week-old Dejen Abreha as attendant practicioner Trish Fleck looks on in the neo-natal emergency unit Saint Margaret's Center for Women and Infants, in Boston, June 15, 1995. REUTERS

  12. Nobel Peace Laureate Mother Teresa conversing with a Bangladeshi man after she opens an old people's home at Bishia Kuribari town 31 miles from Dhaka April 21, 1995. REUTERS/Rafiquar Rahman

  13. First woman Hillary Rodham Clinton meets Mother Teresa at the opening of the Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children in Washington DC, June 19, 1995. REUTERS

  14. Mother Teresa presents records for another house to a villager from Latur in Bombay on September 26, 1994. REUTERS/Savita Kirloskar

  15. Yasser Arafat, pioneer of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, meets with Mother Teresa on March 28, 1990 finishing up Arafat's visit to India. REUTERS/Nikhil Bhattacharya

  16. A fan handles Mother Teresa of Calcutta's hand as the Nobel Peace Prize victor lands at Jorge Chavez air terminal July 1, 1989 in Lima, Peru. REUTERS/J. Razuri

  17. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is invited at Peking Airport on January 20, 1985 by Tang Lu-dao, bad habit administrator of the Catholic Patriotic Association for a two-day visit to China. REUTERS/Theiler

  18. Mother Teresa dozes as she is moved starting with one healing center then onto the next in India's eastern city of Calcutta November 26. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore

  19. Mother Teresa of Calcutta welcomes writers subsequent to touching base in Rome from New Delhi May 16, 1997. REUTERS/Paolo Cocco