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KiwiNet Commercialisation Forum Questions to the Delegates PowerPoint Presentation
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KiwiNet Commercialisation Forum Questions to the Delegates

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KiwiNet Commercialisation Forum Questions to the Delegates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KiwiNet Commercialisation Forum Questions to the Delegates. May 2 nd 2012. Question from Darren Harpur WaikatoLink. Does anyone have connections into small scale protein production facilities to scale up production from the lab? Contact Darren: .

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Presentation Transcript
question from darren harpur waikatolink
Question from Darren HarpurWaikatoLink

Does anyone have connections into small scale protein production facilities to scale up production from the lab?

Contact Darren:

question from wayne eltringham industrial research
Question from Wayne Eltringham – Industrial Research

Smart materials and membranes for efficient (and cost effective) separation of hydrogen gas (>99% purity). Who wants it?

Contact Wayne:

question from peter kerr stick
Question from Peter Kerr sticK

How do we lift the NZ 'culture' around the use of our brains to improve our income?

Contact Peter:

question from jonathan miller industrial research
Question from Jonathan Miller Industrial Research

We are working on a deal to co-invest with a company in the development of a non-destructive testing technology. We will share ownership of the IP and share the commercial benefits. We will have the rights to commercialise the technology outside of NDT.

What are some of the important things to think about now, as we negotiate the deal, to maximise the chances of success for everyone later?

Contact Jonathan:

question from abby buchanan viclink
Question from Abby Buchanan Viclink

What are some examples of successful ways to overcome issues around IP ownership between academics & businesses?

Contact Abby:

question from graham strong otago innovation
Question from Graham Strong Otago Innovation

How do you know when to kill a project?

Contact Graham:

question from nicola jackson plant food
Question from Nicola Jackson Plant & Food

We are refreshing our commercial strategy for a pre commercial biosensor research programme, especially around target applications.

Possible activities include setting up a commercial advisory board and market-scoping.

I'm interested in sharing experiences, contacts and perhaps combining efforts with other delegates around biosensor commercial plans.

Contact Nicola:

question from stephen parker ippc
Question from Stephen Parker IPPC

At what stage in your business development would you employ a Patent Attorney in-house?

Contact Stephen:

question from bill swallow w h swallow associates
Question from Bill Swallow W H Swallow & Associates

What is the most effective way of identifying potential commercial ideas in a university AND engaging the inventor in the process?

Contact Bill:

question from benjamin matthewson viclink
Question from Benjamin Matthewson - Viclink

Does anyone have examples of cross-disciplinary research with commercial outcomes?

Or trans-institution cross-disciplinary research with commercial outcomes that were TTO initiated?

Contact Benjamin:

question from adrian busch university of canterbury
Question from Adrian Busch University of Canterbury

How do other PRO’s approach royalty rates?

Contact Adrian:

question from trisha wells university of canterbury
Question from Trisha Wells University of Canterbury

We are working on an early stage diabetes treatment project & we are about to have a mouse model in-vivo study carried out.

Does anyone have expertise in this field?

Contact Trisha:

question from neville queree irl
Question from Neville Queree IRL

Has anyone had a good outcome using external communication specialists?

Contact Neville:

question from robin macintosh landcare research
Question from Robin MacIntoshLandcare Research

What sources of information are being used to keep-up-to-date on advances in precision irrigation?

Contact Robin:

question from sarah heine biopolymer network
Question from Sarah Heine Biopolymer Network

How do you assess the best commercialisation model for technologies (e.g. licensing, JV’s etc.) ?

Contact Sarah:

question from pauline zumbach irl
Question from Pauline Zumbach– IRL

What are the legal issues that need to be addressed in a ‘market-led technology transfer’?

Contact Pauline:

question from john watt boutiq nanoparticle solutions
Question from John Watt Boutiq Nanoparticle Solutions

How do we bridge the paradoxical gap of having our technology advanced enough for an industry partner to show interest, when we can struggle to get support to advance it to that stage unless we can show an industrial end user?

Contact John:

question from anne barnett macdiarmid institute
Question from Anne Barnett MacDiarmid Institute

Why can organisations be so patch protective when it comes to sharing IP & working in a co-operative manner with each other to achieve outcomes?

What can be done to improve the culture of co-operation in this area?

Contact Anne:

question from dorian scott massey university
Question from Dorian Scott Massey University

Who would be interested in commercialising the best plain English contract for the construction industry?

Contact Dorian:

question from libby harrison landcare research
Question from Libby Harrison Landcare Research

Does anyone have any great examples of how scientists communicate their ideas to industry?

What did they do that made the communication great?

Contact Libby:

question from adrian barker vantagepoint
Question from Adrian Barker VantagePoint

Who requires an experienced GM of new ventures who has successfully utilised voice-of-market research, to identify & validate the required business case, business model and business design to ensure a market (not technology) led commercialisation results?

Contact Adrian:

question from david hughes plant and food
Question from David Hughes Plant and Food

What is one practice we could adopt that would be game changing?

Contact David:

question from khan aronsen beco biopolymer
Question from Khan AronsenBeco Biopolymer

Granted we constantly produce cutting edge technology (via CRI’s etc.), what is the key barrier to market we face & is this why we have seen such little economic success from the creative sector over the past ten years?

Contact Khan:

question from kevin hurren lincoln ventures
Question from Kevin Hurren Lincoln Ventures

What mechanisms/sources are currently being used in NZ to conduct analysis of comparable deals for licensing negotiation? (e.g. RoyaltyStat, etc.)

Contact Kevin:

question from david kyle irl
Question from David Kyle IRL

Does anyone have specific strategies for finding, validating & prioritising industry contacts when developing a path to market for a new technology?

Contact David:

question from enrico tronchin aut enterprises ltd
Question from Enrico TronchinAUT Enterprises Ltd

Why in general is the current model of technology transfer from a university not commercially viable & is this worth tolerating?

Contact Enrico:

question from owen scott concentrate
Question from Owen Scott Concentrate

What do we mean by commercialisation?

At what stage of the lifecycle is a product commercialised – when it’s ‘spun out’ into a new start-up or when it’s providing significant revenue streams?

Contact Owen:

question from larry podmore pono innovations ltd
Question from Larry PodmorePono Innovations Ltd

How do NZ commercialisation groups connect better to international markets to gain market intelligence?

Contact Larry:

question from phillip ridge cdc
Question from Phillip Ridge CDC

Exit vehicles such as start-ups and spin-outs favour disruptive technologies, whereas NPD within companies tends to be more incremental.

How can this disparity be reconciled with the Government's objective of increasing the rate of commercialisation from the PROs to industry?

Contact Phillip:

question from charlie tomlinson powerhouse
Question from Charlie Tomlinson - Powerhouse

What are some best practices for engaging with researchers from an early stage?

Contact Charlie:

question from stuart lansley powerhouse
Question from Stuart LansleyPowerhouse

What are some effective ways to manage PSAF projects to ensure on-time and on-budget results?

Contact Stuart:

question from anant bhatnagar netcracker
Question from AnantBhatnagar - NetCracker

Does anyone in NZ share Anant’s dream of creating the next big social media/IT giant and would like to share their ideas?

Contact Anant:

question from penny fairbrother weltec
Question from Penny Fairbrother - Weltec

How do you enhance engagement of research staff, particularly in commercial R&D activities, when they consider their primary focus to be teaching & their research obligations “have to fit in around that”?

Contact Penny:

question from robert matheson cawthron
Question from Robert Matheson - Cawthron

What progress is being made on template agreements which can be used amongst the R&D community?

Contact Robert:

question from julie crisford viclink
Question from Julie CrisfordViclink

How do you identify companies to contact/work with when an invention needs more development & resources?

- Do you have students do market research?

  • Do you have a favourite tool or a company that provides market scans?

What is your preferred method?

Contact Julie: