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Welcome Delegates!

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Welcome Delegates!. 2013 Tribal Assembly . State of the Tribe Address. Edward K. Thomas President. “Hold Each Other Up!”. Hold Each Other Up. Challenges Our People Face are Many External Internal Simple Theme – Cornerstone of Longevity No federal or state government in traditional times

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welcome delegates

Welcome Delegates!

2013 Tribal Assembly

state of the tribe address

State of the Tribe Address

Edward K. Thomas


hold each other up1
Hold Each Other Up
  • Challenges Our People Face are Many
    • External
    • Internal
  • Simple Theme – Cornerstone of Longevity
    • No federal or state government in traditional times
    • Extended family & clans
    • Our people held each other up!
report content
Report Content
  • Tribal Leadership
  • Tribal Trust Fund
  • Program Administration
  • Property Management
  • Political Involvement
  • External Challenges
  • Changing Times
thank you executive council
Thank You Executive Council

Demonstrated Leadership!

thank you tribal hostess host
Thank YouTribal Hostess & Host

Laverne John

Tom Dalton

tribal trust fund
Tribal Trust Fund
  • Blended Portfolio
  • Preserve Assets in a Down Market
  • Performance Mirror Benchmark
  • Balance at End of March 2012: $8,937,822
  • Balance at End of March 2013: $11,353,844
  • Nez Perce Settlement
    • $2.25 million
    • $225,000 attorney fees
nez perce settlement
Nez Perce Settlement
  • Not a “windfall!”
  • Money Tlingit Haida would have earned had our funds been properly managed by the government.
  • Rolled into the Tribal Trust Fund.
tribal trust fund1
Tribal Trust Fund



reduced of federal contracts
Reduced % of Federal Contracts
  • Local Tribes Increase Local Program Administration
  • Helps Local Administrative Capacity
  • Strengthens Local Economies
  • Weakens Regional Economies of Scale
program funding reductions
Program Funding Reductions
  • Sequestration Only Part of the Problem
  • National Debt and Deficit Spending
  • State Oil Money Decreasing
  • Costs Continue to Rise
  • It is going to be very challenging for tribes to get a reasonable allocation of federal funding after sequestration.
  • Employees
    • 281 Total Employees
    • 166 Full-Time
    • 234 Native
    • 47 Non-Native
staff grievance procedure
Staff Grievance Procedure

Final Level


  • Hear Committee
  • Recommendations
  • Decision not appealable

3rd Level

Personnel Committee

  • Remain Open-Minded
  • Gather Info From Both
  • Meet with Both


2nd Level

Department Manager

  • Remain Open-Minded
  • Gather Info From Both
  • Meet with Both

1st Level

Immediate Supervisor

  • Articulate the Issue
  • Set Boundaries / Timeframes
  • Expected Outcomes
improved technology
Improved Technology
  • Office Management Systems are Better
  • Data Management More Accurate
  • Generally Saves Time
  • Keeping Current is Expensive
  • Staff Training is Important but Costly and Time Consuming
quality services
Quality Services
  • Clients are Highest Priority
  • Program Requirements are Key
    • Staff responsibilities
    • Client responsibilities
  • Work Readiness Requirements
  • Eligibility Running Out for Some
    • Sidestepping training & work experience
    • Used up eligibility leads to homelessness
client grievance progression
Client Grievance Progression

Political Involvement:

Executive Council / Delegates

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Letters

Minimizing political involvement in client management is important!

3rd Level

Office of the President

  • Question All Involved
  • Secure Client Files
  • Assign to Committee

Complaint progression

2nd Level

Department Manager

  • Gather Info From Both
  • Meet with Both
  • Remain Open-Minded

1st Level

No Response To Client

  • Phone Call Not Returned
  • Award Not Issued
  • Paperwork Not Completed
property ownership 1984
Property Ownership - 1984
  • Andrew Hope Building – 2nd & 3rd floor
  • Goldstein Building
  • Remote Properties
    • Yakutat
    • Haines
    • Klawock
    • Sandy Bay
  • All Were Losing Money for the Tribe
property ownership principles
Property Ownership Principles
  • Keep Native Property in Native Ownership
    • Juneau Indian Village
    • Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall
  • Acquire Property We Can Use
  • Keep Debt Reasonable & Paid for with Operations Funding
  • Keep Facilities Available at a Reasonable Cost
  • Keep Facilities Attractive to Customers
property management activities
Property Management Activities
  • Andrew Hope Building – Built 1984
    • Updated heating system (grant)
    • Updated doors (grant)
    • Updated kitchen (investment)
    • Updated sound system (investment)
    • Parking lots (grants)
  • VTRC – Removed Stage in Auditorium
  • Thomas Bldg – Remodeled Roads Office (program funding)
  • Alaska Federation of Natives
    • Convention Committee Chair
    • Tribal Relations Committee Chair
  • National Congress of American Indians
    • Secretary
    • Federal Funding Committee
  • Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
    • Member
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
    • Thank you Will Micklin & Phil Baker-Shenk
    • Alaska Tribes would have been excluded
  • Land into Trust – Carcieri Fix
    • Congressman Young – Congressman Cole
    • ANCSA lands
    • State of Alaska objection
  • Native Vote
  • Except in Alaska Language
future challenges
Future Challenges
  • Post-Sequestration Federal Funding
  • Indirect Cost Recovery
    • Head Start
    • Non-BIA programs
    • State programs
  • Client Funding Not Increasing with Rising Costs
  • Reduced Competitive Edge in Funding Application
    • Reduced economies of scale
future challenges cont
Future Challenges (cont.)
  • Department of the Interior FY 2014 Increase at 4% over FY 2012
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs increase Only 1.2%
    • .8% without indirect cost being counted
  • Meeting with DOI Secretary Jewel
  • NCAI Tribal Budget Briefing
  • Testify to House Appropriations Committee
  • Begich Staff – Alaska Safe Families and Village Act
    • Strengthen tribal law enforcement
  • AFN – Senator Murkowski’s Cross Deputizing Program
    • Include Southeast Alaska tribes
statute changes
Statute Changes
  • Special Statute Drafting Committee
  • Change Our Statutes with the Times
  • Strengthen Tribal Status Among Governments
  • Strengthen Standards in Tribal Judge Elections without Being too Limiting
  • Executive Council Adopted Title VI Replacement with Amendments
business development
Business Development
  • Must Broaden Income Base to Perpetuate Growth
  • Cannot Depend on Program Management
  • You Heard Richard Rinehart Yesterday
    • Appreciate him offering his skills and energy to our business development efforts
  • Contracting Opportunities More Competitive
  • Investigating Expanding Involvement in Gaming
future tribal president
Future Tribal President
  • I Will Not Seek Presidency Next Year
  • I Love Serving as President
    • Time has been kind to me
    • Best for the long-term interest of Tribe
    • A year for succession planning
  • I look forward to a productive year of working with you & Executive Council on our issues and concerns.
recommended policy change
Recommended Policy Change
  • Constitution
    • More dependable
    • Not change with political tides
  • Standing Rules
  • Qualifications of Candidate Important
    • Political
    • Administrative / Management skills
proposal 1
Proposal #1
  • Currently:
    • President political & CEO
      • Authority to delegate
  • Proposed:
    • President political & CEO
      • Authority to delegate
    • Optional: President can be political
      • Hire a CEO to manage tribal operations
      • Would not be required to live in Juneau

The Same

proposal 2
Proposal #2
  • Declare Candidacy for President & Executive Council 10-Days Prior to Tribal Assembly on Election Years to Have Name on Ballot
    • Delegates learn candidate qualifications
    • Gives candidate more opportunity to make case
    • Delegates have more time to evaluate all candidates
    • Improved participation by new delegates
    • Quality candidates elected
    • Write-in candidates allowed
historical methods
Historical Methods
  • Tribal Citizens Over 18 Registered to Vote
    • 1 delegate per 100 registered
    • 56 delegates in 1976
  • I Proposed in 1985
    • Get rid of voter registration system; duplicative & confusing
    • Strengthen enrollment system & count all over 18 for determining delegates
  • In Mid-1980s: 1 Delegate Per 150 Over 18

Determine Delegate Allocation to Each T&H Community Based Only On Tribal Citizens with Good Addresses

this proposal does not remove citizens from master enrollment

This proposal does not remove citizens from Master Enrollment

A database of citizens with good addresses will be used for future delegate allocation

  • T&H is a representative form of government
    • If we do not know if a tribal citizen is in our community we can not say we represent him/her
  • Our democracy is compromised
  • The number of citizens with bad addresses is growing
    • The number of bad addresses is more than any one of our T&H Communities

The issues and policies we consider today are not significantly more complex than in 1986 to warrant so many more delegates

There are 42% more delegates now than we had in 1986

this proposal is a practical and fair approach to delegate allocation

This proposal is a practical and fair approach to delegate allocation

It provides credibility to representation by reducing the unknown!