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Gesture and Body Language PowerPoint Presentation
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Gesture and Body Language

Gesture and Body Language

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Gesture and Body Language

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  1. Gesture and Body Language 499070331 吳育禎

  2. CORNA • Meaning:“Your wife is unfaithful”Used in: The Baltics, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, SpainThe Corna represents bull’s horns, and in some countries it can be an expression of good luck or affection. • In my opinion,this gesture sometimes can be a sign of young and cool, the other times can represent a frivolous attitude.

  3. LE CAMEMBERT • Meaning: “Shut up” Used in: France This gesture mimes the closing of the mouth. Hold the fingers straight and then close them against the thumb. • Can’t believe this gesture have the meaning in France. Though we do use our hand to imitate our mouth, I still take the movement as duckling at most of the time.

  4. PAPO FURADO • Meaning: “That’s bullshit”Used in: Brazil Papo furado is typically a gesture made behind the back of the subject. In other parts of the Americas, the gesture means “fed up.” • Well this one is very interesting to me because I do this gesture only when I think one is doomed or will be punished in some situations.

  5. NOSE BRUSH • Meaning: “I desire a romantic exchange”Used in: Jordan In Jordan, this is a shortcut to signal interest in a dalliance. • This gesture never gave a good impression since I have saw it, and now it is related to dalliance!In my experience, to see someone touch their nose by a single finger make me feel I am being looked down.

  6. TACANO • Meaning: “You’re stingy”Used in: Mexico, South America In many parts South of the border, the elbow is linked to stinginess. For extra emphasis, you can bang your elbow on the table. Note: In Austria and Germany the same gesture means “You’re an idiot.” • I never saw this kind of gesture before, so I might need to take care of my poses in South America since I never know my elbow can be so meaningful to them.

  7. MOUTZA • Meaning: “(1)To hell with you!/ (2)I rub shit in your face!/ (3)I’m going to violate your sister/(4) I am going to violate your entire family, including your dog!”Used in: Greece, Africa, Pakistan While originally referring to the custom of punishing criminals by tying them to the backs of donkeys, this gesture has more recently take on a sexual connotation. The Moutza has many variations. • I dislike these gestures. Before I understood the meanings behind, I thought they were just some over reaction movements during conversations.

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