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Body Language

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Body Language. 494701234 企三甲 張紜嫚 Amada. 1.“Winking”. Amada says….

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body language

Body Language

494701234 企三甲 張紜嫚


amada says
Amada says….

I think people wink because they want to convince others that they are trustworthy. I remember in the movie “I, Robot”(機械公敵), there was one scene that the robot winked to human trying to express the message “trust me!” You wink with a smile shows that you want to let the others know, you are a trustful person.

amada says1
Amada says….

There are many movie scenes using this gesture: an open palm. It passes a friendly message to the other people when somebody uses this helping hand. In the movie “ Pay it forward” (讓愛傳出去), there was a woman who was going to suicide, but a guy’s open palm saved her life. When we use this gesture, it represents sincerity, openness, friendship and innocence.

amada says2
Amada says….

I use this body language “stroking chin” a lot when I am trying to think something deeply or when I am trying to figure out an answer. You can see this posture easily on a meeting, on any occasion which needs to make a decision. People use this to tell others that they are seriously thinking.

amada says3
Amada says….

When you see this non-verbal language, it means this person wants to escape the reality. When we feel embarrassed, we might blush and want to cover our eyes because we don’t want others to notice us not being calm. They are frustrated with facing the obstacles in front of them right that time, so they cover their eyes. Sometimes we cover our eyes when we feel shy, it’s just the other form of escaping the truth.

amada says4
Amada says….
  • This is when you fold your arms over your tummy, hiding your hands under your arms. Some people hide just one hand, others simply cross their arms in front of their chest. This is a defensive posture used mostly shows this person want to keep a distance with you.
  • In special situations this position might also suggest self-importance or disagreement. The signs are clear: straight back, raised elbows pointing out and a general self-sufficient attitude.
amada says5
Amada says….
  • This is a typical American gesture: using your thumb and index finger to form an “L” means “Loser”. This gesture is used to laugh at others. It’s not really a good gesture because it is quite impolite when you see it. But at least we have to understand when somebody uses this toward you – this is not a good sign!!
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