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Call Centre & Online Services Branch

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Call Centre & Online Services Branch. Providing Integrated Service Delivery for Queensland Business. Role of Call Centre & Online Services Branch. A single entry point for businesses to access key government services and information

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call centre online services branch

Call Centre & Online Services Branch

Providing Integrated Service Delivery for Queensland Business

role of call centre online services branch
Role of Call Centre & Online Services Branch
  • A single entry point for businesses to access key government services and information
  • Operates in partnership with all levels of government and their agencies
  • Aims to simplify the process of establishing a business in Queensland
call centre online services branch3
Call Centre & Online Services Branch
  • Objectives
    • Cut red tape
    • Save business time and money
    • Increase chances of survival and growth
call centre online services branch4
Call Centre & Online Services Branch

E-Government Case Study

Business Licensing

the problem
  • Starting a restaurant?
    • What licences would you need?
    • Where would you go to get them?
    • Is there much paperwork?

CommonwealthGovernment Licences

  • ABN Registration (Individuals)
  • ABN Registration (Companies/Others)
  • Company Registration (Australian)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration
  • PAYG Registration
  • Superannuation Guarantee Requirements
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Music Public Performance Licence (PPCA)
  • Music Performance/Broadcast Licence (APRA)
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Requirements

StateGovernment Licences

  • Business Name Registration
  • Workers Compensation
  • Pay-roll Tax
  • Limited Partnership Formation Certificate
  • Training Contract (Apprenticeship)
  • Vehicle Registration (Commercial Vehicles)
  • Plant Registration (Classified/Specified)
  • Fish Buyer’s/Seller’s Licence (from Fisherman)
  • Fish Storage Licence
  • Liquor Licence (On -Premises)

LocalGovernment Licences

  • Food Premises, Places or Vehicle Registration
  • Food Operators Licence
  • Outdoor Dining Permit
  • Trade Waste Permit
  • Advertising Signage Approval
  • Development Permit (IDAS)
  • Commercial Vehicle Permit
the solution


  • A seamless integration of local, state and commonwealth business licensing information provided through:
    • a single state-wide local call telephone /freepost service
    • the Internet
    • Counter services at Spring Hill and DSDI’s State Development and Innovation Centres throughout Queensland
  • 30 000 telephone packages provided annually
smart licence
  • Licence processing at Spring Hill for Business names
  • Licence fee receipting and distribution of funds and applications to agencies
  • Assistance with completion of licence applications
  • 10 000 businesses registered annually
smart licence online
SmartLicence Online
  • SmartLicence Online is a unique web based diagnostic service allowing clients to determine their own licence requirements 24 hours a day 7 days per week
  • Pre-filling of core data across multiple forms
  • electronic lodgement, payment, and approval for business licences
smart licence online12
SmartLicence Online
  • Development driven by client demand and government policy:
    • Client demand
      • Client surveys began to reflect requests to discover and complete licences online
      • Growth in home based businesses (28% annually)
      • Consultants commissioned to confirm this demand
smart licence online13
SmartLicence Online
  • Development driven by client demand and government policy:
    • Government policy
      • To encourage business to take up e-commerce
      • Clients indicated they wanted government to lead
  • Client survey results, statistics and the consultants report used to justify new initiative proposal
smart licence online14
SmartLicence Online
  • System Development challenges:
    • Diagnose a clients requirements
    • Deliver the application forms and supporting documentation
    • Transfer common details across multiple forms
    • Protect the security and privacy of client information
smart licence online15
SmartLicence Online
  • System Development challenges (cont):
    • Allow completion, lodgement and payment on-line
    • Securely deliver completed applications to agencies in multiple formats
    • Minimise future IT programming overheads
    • Link with existing government web sites
smart licence online16
SmartLicence Online
  • System Development solutions:
    • Drew heavily from our successful paper based experience/intellectual property
    • Used existing infrastructure where possible:
      • Integrated receipting system
      • Commonwealth Bank E-payments solution from our bookshop
smart licence online17
SmartLicence Online
  • Used existing infrastructure where possible (cont):
    • Used our telephone service database as the ‘content’ maintenance tool
    • Integrated system with Department’s secure ‘Smart site’
  • Purchased an off the shelf forms design software that incorporated simple to use programming functions
  • Used IT consultants to pull it together
smart licence online18
SmartLicence Online
  • ‘Political’ challenges:
    • Few State agencies providing online licensing
    • Some regulatory agencies don’t have a ‘business customer focus’ or have few funds for this kind of development
    • Cost
    • No other interstate or overseas model to benchmark with/or demonstrate the capability
smart licence online19
SmartLicence Online
  • ‘Political’ solutions:
    • Concentrated on local councils to develop online transactions
    • Concentrated on our core business, i.e. ‘Starting a Business’
    • Participate with State agencies to deliver State transactions
    • Minimised cost by building on existing infrastructure and intellectual property
    • Used our strong client support to convince the Department
smart licence online20
SmartLicence Online
  • Results
    • Over 50 000 business intenders downloading licensing packages
    • Over 80% client satisfaction
    • ADOBE in the US to use us a case study
    • Export to New Guinea
smart licence online21
SmartLicence Online
  • Lessons
    • To be successful online you need:
      • A good paper based system
      • Understand your business/clients needs
      • Build on your success
      • Continuous improvement
      • Understand the risks and manage them, don’t let them control you
other online services
Other Online Services
  • Government Business Information Service (GOBiS) Online

An interactive version of the telephone service. Clients answer a few questions and receive a tailored list (including details) of all Commonwealth and State government support

other online services23
Other Online Services
  • Smart Small Business Website
    • A range of interactive services and information designed to assist a business start up and operate in Queensland
    • The most comprehensive site in Australia
call centre online services branch24
Call Centre & Online Services Branch
  • 2005 Developments
    • An online financial ‘health’ check for a range of small businesses
    • An interactive ‘business idea’ viability check and tailored report
    • Work Place Health and Safety and Employment diagnostics
    • Additional online transactions for councils
call centre online services branch25

Call Centre & Online Services Branch

Providing Integrated Service Delivery for Queensland Business