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Dauphin Island Sea Lab

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Dauphin Island Sea Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Created by: Reagen Frantz Images of Mrs. Davidson's 5 th grade class 2009-2010 . What is Dauphin Island Sea Lab??.

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dauphin island sea lab

Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Created by: Reagen Frantz

Images of Mrs. Davidson's 5th grade class 2009-2010

what is dauphin island sea lab
What is Dauphin Island Sea Lab??
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab is an exciting place where you can learn about all kinds of interesting Sea life and Marsh animals. You're always busy, whether it’s taking classes in one of the many well equipped classrooms or doing fun, hands on activities! You also go to the nearby Estuaruim where you learn about ocean animals in Mobile Bay, The Gulf of Mexico and other well known places!
what is a salt marsh what did you do
What is a Salt Marsh? What did you do?
  • A Salt Marsh is a swamp like area with tall grasses and not much species variation (not very many different kinds of animals). In the Marsh we tumbled over the thick mud and peered in between the tall grasses looking for the snails, crabs and snakes that live there. The crabs were very fast and hard to catch, but when we did we found that most of them for quarter sized and were a clear, almost translucent white. You could tell them boy from girl by their claws. The boys have one big claw and one small claw and the girls have two small claws. The snails were, for obvious reasons, very easy to catch. They ranged in size but were usually very small. The Marsh snakes very rarely are seen so we didn’t have a chance to catch one.
what is the touch squid lab
What is the Touch Squid Lab?
  • The Touch Squid Lab is where we learned about many different real animals such as the Hammer Head shark, the Horse Shoe Crab and Stingrays! (They were all dead) At the end animals like the Sea Sponge, Jelly Fishes, and the Sea Cucumber. We got to touch many f the class we even dissected a real Squid! We figured out many cool things about the squid like: It has a beak like a bird, it has three hearts, and you can only tell if it is a boy or a girls from the inside of its body!
what are the parts of the squid
Whatare the parts of the Squid??

This is the ink sack

This is where the female keeps over 1,000,000 eggs!

This is the eye

This is where the Squids 8 arms and 2 long tentacle are.

This is where the three hearts are located