Global cordaid portfolio research on supported wholesale facilities
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Global Cordaid portfolio research on supported Wholesale Facilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Cordaid portfolio research on supported Wholesale Facilities. By Cordaid and Triodos Facet Morning session of 25 November 2009. Overview presentation. Introduction (who we are, research context) Wholesale facilities supported by Cordaid Analytical Framework

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Global cordaid portfolio research on supported wholesale facilities
Global Cordaid portfolio research on supported Wholesale Facilities

By Cordaid and Triodos Facet

Morning session of 25 November 2009

Overview presentation
Overview presentation

  • Introduction (who we are, research context)

  • Wholesale facilities supported by Cordaid

  • Analytical Framework

  • Recommendations for Good Practices

    • For facilities themselves

    • For donors & support agencies

  • Q&A


  • Cordaid: Dutch co-financing agency

    • Investment strategy

    • Portfolio: 17 facilities in 8 countries

  • Triodos Facet: international consultancy firm

    • Specialized in sustainable small enterprise development, including microfinance

    • Works with MFIs, funds, governmental agencies

  • Research context

    • Changing context and deeper insights

Research context i
Research context - I

Cordaid supports 17 microfinance wholesale facilities in

8 countries and 3 regions

Latin America:

Regional: LA-CIF I, Solidus, Emerging Microfinance Facility


Regional: Deutsche Bank Start-up Fund

National: Tembeka Social Investment Company (South Africa), MITAF (Sierra Leone), Launch of Inclusive Financial Sector (LIFS, Liberia), UNCDF (Malawi), MIT Fund (Cameroon)


Regional: CRS-MAF

National: ABN AMRO (India), FWWB (India), ASA (Bangladesh), NATCCO

(Philippines), PEF-MP3 Fund (Phil.), CARD (Phil.), CSDO (Phil.)

Research context ii
Research context -II

Cordaid’s supported facilities are very different in nature:

  • Legal status (fund, part of MFI, project)

  • Vision (profit, non-profit)

  • Involvement of other financiers/donors (relevance of Cordaid’s funding)

  • Time frame (temporary, permanent)

  • Type of management (fund manager, investment committees, staff employed by facility)

  • Geographical outreach (national, regional)

  • Type of MFI’s targeted (mature, emerging, start-up)

  • Products offered (loans, grants, TA)

Global cordaid portfolio research on supported wholesale facilities

The following analytical framework is helpful

to classify wholesale microfinance facilities

in three types

Analytical framework i
Analytical Framework - I

  • Stage of development of microfinance sector

    • Young

    • Growing

    • Mature

  • Level of intervention

    • Macro

    • Meso

    • Micro

  • Role of wholesale facilities

    • Generalists

    • Specialists: TA and funding

    • Specialists: financial services

Analytical framework ii




























Analytical Framework - II

Applying framework 3 types of intermediaries
Applying framework: 3 types of intermediaries


Facilities set up and managed by specialised fund managers that operate in mature markets. These facilities offer financial services (loans and (quasi) equity) to MFIs. They are for profit, operating under commercial financial conditions


Facilities set up and managed by mature MFIs that operate in growing markets. These facilities offer technical assistance and financial packages to replicate the MFI’s model or enhance outreach (a/o creation of MFI outlets in more difficult regions)


Facilities set up and managed by donors/project teams and operating in young markets. These facilities provide funds and advice to strengthen and build up macro, meso and retail levels institutions in the microfinance sector

Recommendations for good practices i
Recommendations for Good Practices - I

For facilities themselves

Similar conclusions as in CGAP Occasional Paper 6:

  • Clear sense of mission

  • Management with MF knowledge and int. experience

  • Strong leadership able to resist external pressures

  • Segregation of MF from other mandates/responsibilities

  • Adequate information management and internal control

  • Well trained and motivated staff with appropriate incentives

Recommendations for good practices ii
Recommendations for Good Practices - II

For donors & support agencies

In young and underdeveloped microfinance sectors:

  • Act with others to set standards & develop macro environment

  • Invest senior staff time & accept little/no disbursement in 1st years

  • Invest in highly qualified, international knowledge based staff

  • Respect rules set by facility, stick to set standards

  • Set broad, flexible eligibility criteria to not restrict sector development

  • Base funding on good practice promotion, perform measurement

  • Include clear institutional development plans for meso & macro institutions

Recommendations for good practices iii
Recommendations for Good Practices - III

For donors & support agencies

In growing and developing microfinance sectors:

  • Accept lead time to reach financial sustainability of facility

  • Stay involved (requires senior staff time) on strategic issues

  • Encourage MFIs to deal with meso level institutions: membership, cost sharing training/TA, registration with authorities

  • Insert within facilities clear development trajectories for MFIs, set clear exit strategies and go/no-go criteria

Recommendations for good practices iv
Recommendations for Good Practices - IV

For donors & support agencies

In mature microfinance sectors:

  • Initiative should come from founder/fund manager

  • Ensure leverage with (semi) commercial sources

  • Have an exit strategy before facility starts operations

  • Ensure that facility has innovative elements (e.g. ‘additionality’, strong social mission)

  • Ensure that donor/support agency does not become (false) competitor with parallel funding to MFIs

Recommendations for good practices v
Recommendations for Good Practices - V

Scorecard for Social Criteria

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Q&A, reflections, thoughts…

Thank you
Thank you! that hjh

Occasional Paper is available in the back of the room

For further information:

Cordaid, Gauke Andriesse,

Triodos Facet, Tom Baur,