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Test Review. What does the relative location of a place tell you? The location of a place compared to the places around it. Test Review. Which two continents are located entirely in the Western Hemisphere? North America and South America. Test Review. What is map distortion?

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test review1

What does the relative location of a place tell you?

    • The location of a place compared to the places around it
Test Review
test review3

What is map distortion?

    • Change in shape, size, and position of features that occur when representing the Earth on a flat map
Test Review
test review5

What is a meridian of longitude?

    • Line that runs north to south
Test Review
test review8

What does a map’s scale compare?

    • Distance on a map to the distance on Earth
Test Review
test review9

What does a map’s title tell a user?

    • What the map is going to be about
Test Review
test review10

What does a compass rose show us?

    • The cardinal directions on a map; N,S,E,W
Test Review
test review12

What is a hunter-gatherer?

    • A person who gathers wild food and hunts animals to survive
Test Review
test review13

What does domesticate mean?

    • To adapt wild plants and animals for use
Test Review
test review14

What is sedentary living?

    • When someone lives in one place.
Test Review
test review15

What is the specialization (division) of labor?

    • Specialization of labor is when certain individuals perform specific tasks / skilled trades. e.g. blacksmith, carpenter, tailor etc…
Test Review
test review17

What are we talking about when we talk about Movement?

    • The transfer of information, people and goods around the world
Test Review
test review18

John built a dam near his house to create a body of water he can swim in. What is this an example of?

    • Modifying the environment
Test Review
test review19

Sarah started to wear lighter, cotton dresses when she moved to Arizona. What is this an example of?

    • Adapting to the environment.
Test Review
test review20

Farmer Pete is really praying that it rains this season, his family needs a big crop to survive. What is this an example of?

    • Depending on the environment
Test Review
test review21

Name a local region with a similar language, religion and culture.

    • Ex. East Dearborn, Southwest Detroit, Southfield, Corktown
Test Review