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  1. Telephone By: Chris Williams – Engineering Class Period H – The Telephone

  2. When was this product invented? The telephone was invented in March of 1876 and is used for transmitting and receiving calls through device by human voices.

  3. Who invented the product? The telephone was invented by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. Who is Alexander Graham Bell? • Alexander Graham Bell was a scientist, an engineer, and an inventor. Alexander was born in Edinburgh on March 3, 1847.

  4. Explanation of the Telephone Explanation of Why Alexander invented the telephone. Alexander testing out the telephone. • The Telephone is used to help people communicate with each other from a distance. Alexander invented it because he invented many things and he wanted to transmit telegraphic messages.

  5. What materials were originally used to make the product? Alexander didn’t use electricity to create the original telephone although some improvements were made establishing electricity to the telephone. Other materials are speakers, a microphone, a switchhook, and some components.

  6. How was the product originally made? Alexander Testing The First Original Telephone. Made By Alexander Bell • The product was originally made by Alexander who invented many inventions and wanted to transmit telegraphic signals. He used no electricity in the first telephone ever made but converted sound waves into electrical signals and vice versa.

  7. What improvements have been made to the product over the years? Some improvements to the telephone are : You don’t have to crank the phone anymore to call someone, There’s electricity being used now when you’re calling someone, and the phones are much easier to use now than it was after being invented. Also,

  8. Why were these improvements made? These improvements were made because Alexander and other people thought it would be better and easier to work the telephone. After the telephone was improved, people thought the improvements were better, easier, and faster than the original telephone.

  9. Who uses the product? • Basically everybody in the world uses the telephone to communicate with others from a distance. (kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and old people). The is considered one of the greatest inventions ever. Nowadays, people love the telephone/cell phone and love its abilities and the technology used to create it.

  10. The websites I got my information from. Some websites are: & & &

  11. Major Changes on the product & effects on society and the environment. Some major changes on the product include electricity, making the telephone smaller, and making the telephone work without a cord. The effects the cell phone has on society are seen through the quickness of communication, business, easier communication in wars, and some negative effects too.

  12. Timeline • The telephone was invented in 1876. Ever since then it has been improved to: • a “non-electric” telephone • to a electric telephone • to a “spin the numbers” telephone, • to a cordless telephone, • to the telephones we still use today.