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What does a chimney rebuild involve

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What does a chimney rebuild involve

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  1. What does a chimney rebuild involve? • A chimney rebuild can be essential to preserving the safety and integrity of your home. Even if you aren't actively using your fireplace, the integrity of your chimney can have a huge impact on your life. Don't try to assess whether or not you need a rebuild yourself, call a professional and have an estimate done.

  2. Reasons why you may need a chimney rebuild There are several reasons why you may need to have a zs-dnd/imagechimneysweep services company in to rebuild your Chimney Relining and fireplace: • Infestation of small animals in the chimney • Heavy creosote build-up • Installation of insert • General aging of the chimney • Conversion to usable chimney

  3. Why would I get a full rebuild if I don't use the chimney? If a contractor inspects your home and suggests a rebuild on a chimney that may not even be in use, they may not be trying to put one over on you. Even a chimney that is not in use must be kept in good condition. There are two reasons for this: • It eliminates or stops the infestation of small animals and insects into the home from the chimney. • It preserves the quality of the air inside your home.


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