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What does a chimney rebuild involve

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What does a chimney rebuild involve

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  1. What does a chimney rebuild involve? • A Chimney Rebuild can be essential to preserving the safety and integrity of your home. Even if you aren't actively using your fireplace, the integrity of your chimney can have a huge impact on your life. Don't try to assess whether or not you need a rebuild yourself, call a professional and have an estimate done.

  2. Reasons why you may need a chimney rebuild • There are several reasons why you may need to have a zs-dnd/image Chimney Sweep Services company in to rebuild your chimney and fireplace: • Infestation of small animals in the chimney • Heavy creosote build-up • Installation of insert • General aging of the chimney • Conversion to usable chimney • Each of these reasons involves a different type of rebuild. Some of them are simple, but some can be more involved. If you are installing an insert, there are many different ways in which the rebuild can be done to accept the insert lining.

  3. Why would I get a full rebuild if I don't use the chimney? • If a contractor inspects your home and suggests a rebuild on a chimney that may not even be in use, they may not be trying to put one over on you. Even a Chimney Relining that is not in use must be kept in good condition. • There are two reasons for this: • It eliminates or stops the infestation of small animals and insects into the home from the chimney. • It preserves the quality of the air inside your home. • If you have anyone in your home with allergies or asthma you may need to rebuild your chimney in order to keep irritants out of the air. Creosote and mortar not only can degrade and get into your air inside the house, but they can also hold moisture leading to higher levels of mold and mildew.

  4. How do I know what needs to be done? • Not every chimney rebuild is a full scale renovation. Some of them only involve rebuilding the cap and flue connections. Don't guess what you need, have a professional out to assess the state of the Chimney Liner Installation While this is important to do whether you use your fireplace or not, it is vital to do before you install an insert. • An insert that is placed in a chimney with poor integrity can lead to poor heating quality, or an increased risk of fire. Talk to your local chimney sweep professionals and find out what your options are before worrying about the task on hand. • Rebuilds can be done in many different ways and fit in any budget. To keep your home and family safe, schedule an appointment to assess your chimney today.


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