melvin mazier ct raised funds for tokyo oxfam trailwalker and milton academy comprehensively n.
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Melvin Mazier CT

Melvin Mazier CT

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Melvin Mazier CT

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  1. Melvin Mazier CT Raised Funds For Tokyo Oxfam Trailwalker and Milton Academy comprehensively

  2. Melvin Mazier, CT has been respected for serving society with selfless efforts. He has played an important role in giving hope for a happy future to those who have been left unaided or ignored by the society. According to Melvin Mazier, CT a selfless feeling to donate is more important than what source has been chosen to donate.

  3. Charity organizations that work actively for children and women welfare are those trusted sources where one can be assured that the money is going to the cause directly. Melvin Mazier, CT is a dedicated philanthropist who has made several donations to Oxfam, specifically to Tokyo Oxfam Trailwalker.

  4. Oxfam individually is an international confederation of 15 organizations in 98 countries worldwide that works to find lasting solutions to poverty and related injustice around the world. The organization works directly with the communities and those who are interested in helping poor against poverty and injustice from campaigning to responding to emergencies can become a part of such global movement.

  5. The objective of raising funds with the help this charity event is to provide monetary support for several Oxfam projects in Darfur, Sudan, Cambodia, India and South Africa. Other than this, Melvin Mazier CT has contributed widely in helping organizations like Teak Fellowship, Robin Hood Foundation, Milton Academy, and Children International.

  6. Milton Academy works hard in regards to provide a pursuit of excellence, confidence and character in students to get right education standards morally. With Milton Academy, Melvin Mazier has given better education opportunities to scores of needy lives as he believes education is the strongest base to create a bright future.

  7. Thank You